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MATRIX 2 tidbit and possible spoiler!

Hey folks, Harry here... below I have a iffy could be a spoiler if it's true rumor about an alleged fight scene in the 2nd film... put it in the salt container till we learn more, but I also had a phone conversation with a top level Warner spy that Lorenzo would probably love to get his hands on named, Agent Smith. Agent Smith is someone involved inside the world of the MATRIX. Agent Smith has read both screenplays as written by the Wachowski Brothers and Agent Smith is very very excited about the scripts, and said, "The 3rd script could very well be the best script I have ever read. They nailed it!" I'm going to continue to talk to Agent Smith and see if I can convert him over to the human cause and leak scripts and designs cause folks... Agent Smith, our spy, controls the MATRIX... that's all the clues I give Lorenzo... happy hunting Mr DiBonaventura! Meanwhile, here's M. Wilson and what Universal President Ron Meyer said today.... allegedly...

In a forum hosted by a class I have at UNC-Chapel Hill, we were visited by Universal President Ron Meyer who was talking about the industry. During the forum he was explaining about the type of things they couldn't do without computers and revealed a detail about the Matrix 2. He said his friend (Silver?) is a producer on the film and he was explaining a sequence where Neo (Keanu Reeves) is pitted in a fight against another 100 Neos. Perhaps the Agents have figured how to program a Neo agent?

- M. Wilson

And then we got this tidbit in as well...

Hi, I recently interviewed Keanu Reeves for the Sweet November junket and he dropped some science about Matrix 2: Hugo Weaving is returning This time it's the story about Neo against the machines In Matrix had one on one fights, here it's a lot of guys fighting each other.

Hope this do!



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