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Hey folks, Harry here... Got this letter in just a while ago asking me to find out the scoop on the BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA 2 disc Dvd that is coming in May. Well, I actually had talked with Carpenter about it briefly during a break in his composing and playing. There is an audio commentary between him and Kurt Russell. Which got him laughing because apparently it tickled him a bit. As for it having 2 Discs, I hadn't heard that part myself. But I know I'll pre-order the hell out of it! That's it Wang, I'm going home!


No scoop here - just a question about the DVD set. The 'special edition' DVD will be released in May and will contain 2 discs, but there is no information about what else is contained on the discs (other than that they are in color). Now I'm going to buy the set regardless, but if one of your sleuths could get us some more information - I'm sure your readers would appreciate it.

Blitzkrieg (Tanks in advance)

And this just came in from Evilbaby... Oooooh mannn, I want it freakin now!

According to Peter Staddon, head DVD honcho at FOX, the special edition will indeed be 2 discs which will feature (in part as I can't remember it all);

Audio Commentary by John Carpenter & Kurt Russel

Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS remixes

A new making of documentary

Deleted scenes and an alternate ending

As I said, there's a bit more but can't remember at the moment.

One note of interest, the gentleman responsible for producing some of FOX's best DVD's like "Fight Club" is responsible for this sucker.

Now when will MGM get off their collective asses and release "The Fog" on DVD in Region 1?


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