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The Latest Star Wars Episode 2 Title Rumor

Hey folks, Harry here. In September of 1998 the first breaking of the EPISODE 1 title took place 8 months ahead of time. How long Lucasfilm had PHANTOM MENACE as the title prior to being broken online is still unknown to me, but right now we're about 15 months away from Episode 2 hitting theaters. It seems to me that if they had the title in place, they would have unveiled it at Toy Fair last week, but the below "RUMOR" purports to come from someone in the realm of Sales Reps. I know that this scoop came from a non-anonymous email source... No instant sign-up job and wasn't forwarded through weird means. I've already begun to email various folks I know, but the mere fact I hadn't heard this "RUMORED" title before seems to mean my sources hadn't heard it yet either, which means either it is BOGUS or that highly secretive materials were inadvertantly left visible for a short period of time and this particular Baron managed to come across them in that brief period. This is pure RUMOR... I back it up, not at all, I put it up in the hopes that some of the other Star Wars Rumor sites can begin to hear from their sources as well. I like this title. I think that it has a very old fashioned Chapter Play Serial Style Title to it. But I wonder if Lucas would follow THE Phantom Menace with THE Shadow Falls... Would he put two THE titles in a row? I don't know... and I suspect that 99.9999% of you don't either. But you 6 or 7 people out there that do know... We want to hear. Remember... this is just a RUMOR...

Dear Harry,

Think this may be news to Star Wars fans.

As a sales rep on a recent business visit to Fox Studios I spotted various source materials, photos etc. intended to be used for promotion covering a variety of forthcoming films.

Several pieces caught my my eye and were stamped in the corner with the title:

"Star Wars Episode 2: The Shadow Falls".

Materials included the familiar 'Star Wars' font, photographs of main cast members, Artoo-Detoo flying!? And some fantastic slug like robot designs.

Hope this is of interest. Not seen this title anywhere else.

Call me 'The Baron.'

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