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TIME BANDITS 2 not dead'

Hey folks, Harry here with an update on TIME BANDITS 2. 3 weeks ago, or loyal handsome debonair supergenius... Reno.... reviewed a draft of the TIME BANDITS 2 script (CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW) and stated that it looked like it was never going to happen.... Well... while it looks like Gilliam isn't directing.... well, read for yourself....


Not sure if u already know of this but;

On a recent european flight was reading the inflight magazine called "High life". To cut a long story short there was an interview with the mighty Terry Gilliam talking about some of his upcoming projects, one of which he says is a sequel to Time bandits, in his own words he's just gonna be babysitting the project as executive producer, but the story is already written!!!

Like i say dunno whether you've run this story before now, but hope its of use to you?!

Beno Kenobi


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