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Mysterio Report Week 2 Second Part: JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK!!! Joey Lauren Adams interview!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... There is A LOT OF TEXT on this page... Alot of really cool behind the scenes stuff

‘JAY and SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK’ – On-Set Production Report

WEEK TWO – Part 2 of 2


(Some weekend reading for you all!)

Thursday, January 25th through Saturday, January 27th 2001.

"STILL A BIG DAY AT THE EL REY" – Thursday, Day 7


(Continued from Part 1)

To which she (Joey Lauren Adams) says…

"Yeah, sure. I should have some time in about five minutes. Will you be out here?" she asks. "Yeah, yeah I will." I say. "Ok, just give me a few minutes and I’ll come out and find you," she says as she disappears, behind the stack parked of trailers.

Right now I’m thinking nothing more than, "SWEEEEEET!" I’ve gotta get some interviews with these folks, especially 1-dayers like Joey. It’s all in the scheduling at point, but right now, this is looking good, real good.

Just as dinner is being served, Joey does indeed come out and find me. "Hi. You ready?" she asks. "Absolutely." I say without hesitation. But I’m a lying through my teeth here, as honestly I had no intentions that I’d even actually get to see any of these people, less speak to them. So I have zero questions or topics prepped beforehand, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so I figure I’ll just try and fudge my way through it.

She leads me back up into her trailer, and sits me down on the couch, as she perches herself beside me on the armrest. It’s then I decide to fess up and tell her that I really have no formal questions prepared and that I’d figure we’d just converse for a while, let the tape run and see where it leads. Much to my surprise she says, "Alright."

Let me first say, up this close, Joey looks absolutely amazing. Her warm smile and golden blonde hair compliments her piercing bluish-grey eyes. It takes me a moment before that little voice inside my head tells me "Ok, jackass. She brought you this far, now say something already!"

So here goes nothing!

MYSTERIO: So it looks like you’re about to film your last turn as Alyssa Jones, in the big finale sequence that we’re just about to shoot tonight.

JOEY: Uh-huh.

MYSTERIO: I’ve been talking with other members of the cast tonight, and it seems that although this film will indeed do away with the characters in live-action form, that they will indeed live on in animated form, such as with…

JOEY: …the comics.

MYSTERIO: Right, or animated in film or television.

JOEY: Right, right.

MYSTERIO: So this nearing the end, which character in the View Askewniverse, are you the most proud of having played. I think I have a pretty good idea…

JOEY (playfully sarcastic): Oh, yeah "MALLATS"?

Joey giggles a bit at my obvious leading question.

MYSTERIO: Hey, you’d be surprised at how many people are such HUGE fans of "MALLRATS" that they just might pick Gwen Turner out of that question.

JOEY: Maybe, but like for me, Alyssa was such a great character to play.

MYSTERIO: Now how was it that you actually came to play Alyssa? I mean it’s fairly common knowledge that you and Kevin met on "Mallrats" and began dating afterwards. Now comes the time when Kevin decides to write "CHASING AMY". Did his decision to write "CHASING AMY" stem from the personal relationship you both had with each another during that period?

JOEY: I think so, I mean it kind of all gets blurred we even had talks of "DOGMA" when were shooting "AMY"…

MYSTERIO: …on playing the role of Bethany.

JOEY: Yeah, yeah.

MYSTERIO: Which having read I believe it was his 3rd draft at the time, the character of Bethany seemed to have been clearly written for you.

JOEY: Right. I think after our dating, I don’t know, Kevin knows I’m sure, Kevin doesn’t forget anything he’s like an elephant. I think that he re-wrote or changed the Bethany character after having worked with me on "Mallrats". We didn’t date until months after "MALLRATS", it’s while he was editing "MALLRATS" and we decided to hang out as friends and it just sort of came about like that.

MYSTERIO: Speaking of hanging out, I’ve been here at ground zero from day 1 and intend to be at least through the final day of LA shooting, but from talking with most of the cast and crew, Kevin really is quick to bond and set a great vibe with his crew right away. And the cast and crew really seem to love working with him.

JOEY: He’s real easy-going, he really is. I mean we had so much fun on "MALLRATS". I think too, with Kevin he’s just so down to earth, so he has people who are down to earth as well. When Kevin would ask me to dance for him, I’d dance around with a rose…

MYSTERIO: Ah, would that be the buffalo two step?

JOEY: Yeah, I was just goofy or whatever. So if you’re comfortable and like down to earth, you’re gonna love Kevin and being around him and such. And he’s so funny; I mean he is so funny. And he’s funnier the more you get to know him, because he’s really good at bringing stuff back. You know like once he’s met your mom then he can do an impression of your mom. Like we’ll be at Bed Bath & Beyond and he would do an impression of my mom and it would be like, "where did you pull that out from?" He was like the funest guy to go to Bed Bath and Beyond with. So anyways, with "CHASING AMY" the cast was originally going to be…

MYSTERIO: Cast with Drew Barrymore?

JOEY: Well no, before that even. After "MALLRATS" he wanted to do another big movie, more commercial, studio… like a sort of John Hughes-type thing where the girl was a lesbian. And there was going to be like a high school girl playing the lesbian and then I was going to be the older girl that she was having an affair with. And I think like Jason Lee was going to be a teacher. And then he changed it when we started dated, and decided to make it more of an independent movie.

MYSTERIO: Which turned out to be, it seems, a very personal movie.

JOEY: Uh-huh.

MYSTERIO: Even more so to both you and Kevin, than anyone else I’d imagine.

JOEY: Right, right.

MYSTERIO: But the feelings that the characters go through in the movie, I think anyone can relate to.

JOEY: Yeah, well the thing is it’s just honest. I’ve had people who are just so homophobic and narrow minded, and watch the movie, and it still affects them. It’s that common thread in all of us. Whether it’s your girlfriend being with one guy or… like I realize there’s no right answer. Because if you say "three", they’re going to be like "Why? Why did you have to sleep with three?" You know what I mean? "You mean I was this close to being the first." And if it’s like fifteen then it’s like way too many. You know what I mean? There’s not a right answer here.

MYSTERIO: It’s seems there’s a point where you cross a certain boundary where people are going to begin to label you in a way based on a number.

JOEY: YEAH! And even if you’ve been with just one, then they’re just even more pissed. Because it’s just one…

MYSTERIO: …and it’s like "well what was it that made that person so special that you chose to be intimate with, and now what standard do I have to live up too?"


MYSTERIO: So was the role of Alyssa Jones actually written with you in mind? I would almost have to think so.

JOEY: I think so. Because we were hanging out and stuff when he decided to make it "CHASING AMY" and not that high school movie.

MYSTERIO: How difficult was this movie to do, specifically at that moment and time to not only date Kevin, but in working with him as well. I would think that would add a lot of pressure.

JOEY: Well the pressure, I think, stemmed from the fact that they (Miramax) wanted Drew Barrymore and Jon Stewart, I think.

MYSTERIO: Maybe David Schwimmer?

JOEY: David Schwimmer maybe, but I think Jon Stewart.

MYSTERIO: Hmmm… I was always led to believe it was Schwimmer, not Stewart. I’ll have to check into that one.

JOEY: From that I felt more pressure. But then I felt completely comfortable with like being with, and doing it with Kevin. It’s the way he directs. He can make anyone good. You know what I mean?

MYSTERIO: Absolutely. Lighting and cinematography can make anyone look good on camera, but to give an actor such dialogue and character, there’s something to be said for substance over style.

JOEY: Exactly.

MYSTERIO: Kevin’s a writer’s filmmaker. He’s like a David Mamet or Woody Allen where you have to be able to appreciate the spoken word and characters more so than where the camera is. In fact, when Kevin wanted you to play Alyssa and handed you the script for "CHASING AMY" for the first time, what was you initial reaction to it?

JOEY: I was floored. It was scripted so good. I cried… I thought it was beautiful, and so well done. But it was more special because I was so close to Kevin, but if I’d gotten that script in the mail from my agency, I would have been overwhelmed. But yet you just don’t get those in the mail, you know what I mean?

MYSTERIO: Even today you don’t find scripts like that too often.

JOEY: I’ve yet to have one like that since. They’re just not out there; they’re just really not.

MYSTERIO: So when you get something like that, you just pretty much have to take it and treat it as a gift, like with "AMY". But as with any film, people seem take what they want from it, which sometimes comes from a personal experience, whether it’s about one’s own questions of faith as with "DOGMA", or just being in love as in "AMY". But "AMY" doesn’t seem to fit a particular theme of just falling in love and suffering through a relationship with a lesbian. It’s just flat out about the love, friendship, honesty…

JOEY: It’s all of that. I think it’s definitely the one where he really wore his heart on his sleeve.

MYSTERIO: Which brings us back to this, the last film of the Jersey saga. How do you fell about Kevin’s decision to end the films here, with these characters, at this very point in time?

JOEY: I’m so excited to see him lose this trilogy and go on to write more real type of stories.

MYSTERIO: Yeah, I think he definitely still has a lot of untapped potential lying in him.

JOEY: It’s all in there. But just because he gets comfortable with the jokes, and funny stuff, he still has an awful lot left to say about real people in several ways.

MYSTERIO: So Joey, after the success, and accolades you received from "CHASING AMY", when the script for "DOGMA" came your way, what was it that prevented you from playing the role of Bethany?

JOEY: I think originally it was with Miramax first, either they didn’t want me, or wanted a bigger name, or they wanted Bethany to be an older character, whatever… I don’t know. When that didn’t happen, Kevin was like "will you play Serendipity"? Um, but we had been broken up and it was just too difficult. It would have been way too hard to go and try and do that.

MYSTERIO: That’s understandable. I’m mean it’s certainly not because you didn’t like the script.

JOEY: NO! I LOVED THE SCRIPT! I had the honor of having him like read it to me word for word. I was just blown away; it was so good. It’s an intellectual journey of religion but it’s not an extremely spiritual movie. It’s clever, and its intellectual and its smart, but is it spiritual and soulful? I think "CHASING AMY" is much more spiritual and fulfilling and heartfelt.

MYSTERIO: In wrapping things up with this last film, when did you decide to come on board?

JOEY: I ran into Kevin in Toronto at the film festival, I hadn’t seen him in a while, and then I met his wife, Jen and then saw Scott (Mosier), like the whole gang I hadn’t seen in years. I had been thinking a lot about Kevin and I was actually thinking about writing him a letter and um, I was like no, it’ll happen. I will run into him… its gonna happen. And I just felt like it was about to, and it was like there he was. And it was just that. I don’t think either one of us had no… no hard feelings, like I knew we would because our breakup wasn’t like bitter or awful… it was more hurtful than anything. It was just something like when you really do love someone and it just doesn’t work. You just want different things and it’s so hard… I mean you miss that. God I love things about Kevin, like just the laughing, and the little things, I mean he’s so all about the little things. And now he’s married and has a baby and his wife’s wonderful…

MYSTERIO: Yeah, she is. I sort of got that impression when I noticed you walking inside the theatre with her, and saw Kevin. It was clear at that point that there were no hard feelings whatsoever by the interaction amongst the three of you.

JOEY: And why should there be. I mean Kevin and I we’re always friends first. But I don’t think at the time they were sure ‘JAY AND SILENT BOB’ was going and we exchanged e-mails and we just started e-mailing each other. And I guess when they figured out "yes it was going," he e-mailed me and asked, "would you come back as Alyssa?"

MYSTERIO: You know that’s the one thing, from the time I’ve been tracking the project, to now, the one thing that fans really hoped to see, was they you’d come back and reprise your role as ‘Alyssa’ in this movie. But there was always that doubt that you’d ever return due to your history and breakup with Kevin and speculation that the breakup may have been ugly enough that you’d never want to work with him again.

JOEY: That was never the case, no. I always wanted to work with him again, but you know, "DOGMA" was right after we broke up and it was too soon, why put yourself through that. Yeah I would’ve loved to have been in the movie but is that like worth our friendship? No. Like if I’d have done that movie I don’t know that we would’ve been able to maintain a friendship or be friends now. Because you’re just so raw with emotion and I know it would have come to these huge fights, and it would’ve been ugly, and no, it wasn’t worth it to me. I’d have rather maintained a friendship with Kevin.

MYSTERIO: Friendship is what’s more valuable in the long run.

JOEY: Yeah, yeah.

MYSTERIO: And now if he gave you the script for "DOGMA", you’d have done it now?

JOEY: Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean we’ve talked about this, more work together.

MYSTERIO: So beyond this, he definitely has you in mind to come back and play another character outside Alyssa Jones?

JOEY: I think so, yeah.

MYSTERIO: That would be great.

JOEY: It would be and I love working with Kevin.

MYSTERIO: That seems to be the mutual vibe around here with the cast and crew. Now you were one of the last View Askew alumni to actually have been confirmed, and I can tell you that you were one of the majors that the fans were hoping would come back and look, here you are, talking to me. How’s it feel to be back?

JOEY: I wish I had more in it, honestly.

MYSTERIO: But I think I speak for all the fans when I say, "It’s just good to have you back." And this is so much a film for the fans that I bet you can’t wait to see it with them, because that’s where the entire payoff to all this hard work lies… in the audiences’ laughter.

JOEY: It’ll be interesting to see people who have never seen any of his movies up to this point. How are they going to respond? Will it be too referential?

MYSTERIO: That’s always been a concern of his, as he definitely wants to appease his fans, but also open the door a little wider this time welcoming newcomers as well. I think that’s why this one is such a broad comedy, and much bigger in scope than anything he’s done before and clearly more raunchier than "MALLRATS".

JOEY: It is. It’s more raunchier than "MALLRATS".

After about a half-hour, Joey realizes she has to jet off to hair and makeup. I exit her trailer and head back outside to the El Rey where we shoot some footage showcasing all you hard working, 350 extras who showed up.

Once we finish shooting inside, we move outside to begin shooting the cameos with O’Halloran, Anderson, Adams, Ewell, Humphries, Johnson, Flanagan, Lee and more with Elizabeth, Ferrell, Jay and Kev.

I go back to the trailers and catch Jen as she interviews Morris Day and Jerome for the documentary in a building I suggest that may have good lighting. Inside I find O’Halloran and Anderson sitting together. We watch Jen do the interview, and afterwards I offer a quick "hello" and congratulations before Morris heads out. He’s very polite and obviously had a blast.

As I walk back to the theatre with O’Halloran and Anderson. Kev sees and waves me over. "What’s up?" I ask. "Hey I don’t want to be the one to tell you how you should run your column or anything…"

"Uh-oh." I’m thinking.

"I think you should write and put something on the site about this… tonight." Kev says.

"Huh?" There’s no way I’m leaving halfway through the shoot to rush to throw something up. Besides it would throw the continuity of the columns out of sequence.

"I’m just afraid that someone’s gonna talk about all this, and I think you should be the one to scoop it." He tells me.

"Well sure, you stage a big, spoiler revealing scene with 350 outside people as extras, sure someone’s gonna talk. I expected this. But Kev, remember I’m on the other side of the fence here from the extras - hell I’m here in the passenger seat alongside you, not them. But I’m not gonna miss a beat here. I’m here to stay." I say.

"Well as long as you’re cool with it then, I just wanted to make sure." He goes on to explain.

"Not to worry, even if it’s something that Harry gets and doesn’t put up, someone else will. It’s the nature of the game." But I definitely appreciated the thought and trust he has placed in me. It does add a bit of pressure, but also feels good having Kev’s support behind me on this.

Shortly thereafter, I decide to check in with Knowles to which he informs me he just got his first report in ten minutes ago. He reads it off to me, which again does not pose any threat to my "spoiler-free" piece. I hang up and tell Kev that Harry’s already got one. "Is he going to put it up or make any mention to your column in his intro to it?" He asks. "I dunno." I tell him. "You have Harry’s number?" he asks me. "Yeah, in my cell." "Give him a call will ya. I’d like to talk to him." Kev says. So I call Harry back, and say, "listen here big red, I got someone who’s requesting your ear." I toss my cell to Kev, and he talks with Harry for a couple of minutes about what stuff I’m privy to that he thinks should be mentioned to any other reports filed in. I stroll off to talk with some folks as Kev and Harry finish up, and Kev soon hands me back my phone.

But back mulling around on the sidewalk, I find Jeff Anderson now wearing a Quick Stop T-Shirt, costumed in Randal gear. I apologize for missing him earlier as I was with Joey, and we agree to do the interview later, outside of all these lights and cameras, at another date over lunch or something since we’re both local to one another. He jots down his number and then asks me if I have any gum, which unfortunately I do not. "Man, I need some gum." He asks catering if they have any, nada. "Man, I need some gum. I can’t do Randal unless I’m chewing on some gum." Anderson tells me. This could indeed become a problem. "C’mon people who has some gum?!?!? The man needs some damn gum here!

"I guess back in the ‘CLERKS’ days at the Quick Stop, this wouldn’t be a problem?" I say. We look for anyone who’s chewing and find a person or two, but come up empty handed. No gum. Jeff goes off to seek some gum as I go and meet "Trish the Dish" herself, Renee Humphries whom I offer belated props to for beating out Jennifer Love Hewitt for the role. She thanks me, and talks with Kev as Anderson finds me again.

"Guess what I found?" he says in true Randal form, and whips out a pack of gum, pulls out a stick and hands it to me. "Nice work my friend, where’d ya get it?" I ask as I pop the stick of Extra gum in my mouth. "Yeah it was funny, I went over to that catering truck and asked him if he had any gum. He hands me a pack of Big Red and I ask him, ‘Do you have any EXTRA?’ ‘You mean you want more?’ Asks the catering guy. ‘No, you know… EXTRA - THE BRAND?!?! Because if I have my choice, EXTRA’s my brand." Anderson adds. "Yeah, that guy must’ve thought I was some extra or grip asking for a lot of gum or something." Anderson pondered to me.

Jeff gets his call with Brian, and they’re first up to do their cameos. Once they finish and wrap for the night Brian heads back to his hotel and back to Jersey the following day. Suddenly Jeff’s approached by a fan who wears a tag with the name "Wonder Bunny" on it. Apparently she was telling us she wanted to come up and be an extra but got caught up doing a game show earlier in the day and missed it. Jeff signs her ‘CLERKS/CHASING AMY’ book, and Jeff heads out as I’m left standing beside, "Wonder Bunny". As I go back behind the monitors, she hangs back with her friend off the sidewalk in the biting cold hoping to catch Kev and have him sign. Jeff heads home to his girlfriend and I move back up behind the monitors as Walt and Bryan go up next for their Walt and Steve-Dave cameos.

Back with Kev, we watch playback, and Jason Lee soon arrives and pulls up a chair right beside me. His wife Carmen has also dropped by to watch for a bit before she decides to head back home. I mention to Jason I’m doing some coverage for the film for AICN… "Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that site." Jason tells me.

"Really? Cool. So anyways I was wondering since you do have a few days other than tonight if we could get together and do a little one on one for the fans on the site?" He’s seems cool with the idea and we agree to do it a bit down the road, when it’s a bit less hectic. It’s then that were interrupted by the film’s script supervisor, who asks Jason about the other project he’s still working on.

"It’s called ‘VANILLA SKY’, Cameron Crowe’s next film." Lee tells her.

"What’s it about?" she asks. My ears perk and I turn to get Jason’s response like "Yes, Jason, what is IT all about? Do tell."

"Ah, I can’t tell you." He says.

I shoot Lee a look and smile and say, "Good work keeping it under wraps."

"So is it funny, scary, dramatic…?" as she continues theorizing. Lee pauses and thinks for a moment. He then leans in a bit towards her and tells her, "Its all of that."

As Bryan as Steve-Dave does his scene, Lee playfully antagonizes Bryan Johnson, as they must’ve had a great time working together on ‘RATS’.

I see our little "Wonder Bunny" has moved in a little closer now, and soon approaches Walt and Bryan to sign her book.

Next up are Joey and Renee, playing Alyssa and Trish. They manage well together, and wrap in a mere five takes compared to Walt and Bryan’s fourteen.

Once they wrapped, Joey comes back and sits next to me. She soon let’s out a saddened, "Awww…", as she realizes now that that will be the last time she will play that character which she obviously still holds close to her heart. I look over to her and say, "You wish you had a bigger part with Alyssa in this, don’t you?" "Yeah…" Joey says.

With that, both Renee and Joey say goodbye to Kev and everyone as they leave, as Lee and Dwight Ewell ("Hooper X") step up before the cameras. They do some hilarious dialogue together, which is intensified by yet another cameo by Mosier.

It’s now inching towards the midnight hour, and we’re trying to stay warm with hot potato soup and hot dogs.

As I come back, I notice "Wonder Bunny" getting Lee’s autograph. She comes back over to me expressing her nervousness in doing so. She shows me her book, which now contains signatures from Jay, Jeff, Jason, Joey, and Walt and Bryan. "Not too bad." I say, especially with getting the ever, elusive Lee. But she still is hoping to get Kevin to sign her book before it gets much later. I assure her if she holds out long enough, she may just get her wish. She just has to find a moment when Kev isn’t preoccupied.

As they finish, Jay and Kev come in to add the final olive to the martini, and finish the day out at about 1:10am.

Tired, we all head back to our cars and call it a day as the crew stays behind to tear down, load up and move out all the equipment.


We shoot back outside in some godforsaken place that MapQuest is even unable to find. Since I failed to get a location map the day prior, all I’m left with is an address. Mind you its dark, and the usual crew directional signs are no where to be found. So I look for any signs of crew trucks parked about.

Nothing numbered to indicate addresses or such, and the 2-way dirt roads are narrow. Eureka! I see some lights up ahead, and… yes! There are trucks. Must be the place.

I park off the road, and proceed into a woodsy-looking cabin of sorts that is housing some built set pieces inside.

It’s inside here that I find we’re shooting with Will Ferrell again. Half-hour after I get there, we break for dinner where we’re shuttled on a 15 minute ride further into darkness to where tents house tables and chairs and food for cast and crew.

Half-hour later, Will, Mosier, and myself pile inside the van and ride back where, inside tales of on-set horrors from previous film experiences are told.

Scott then goes on to inform me of how, before every shoot, Kev takes him to church with him. A good luck ritual of sorts, that seems to be paying off so far.

Back inside I get a closer look around the sets and notice several photos hanging on three different wall panels, with headers such as "Missing Children" listed above. I ask Scott if these are indeed the pictures sent in from folks during the "Your Mug In Our Movie" contest thingee held on the View Askew board a while back ago. He tells me that they are, so if you were one of the folks who did, they are indeed are sticking by their word and putting those pictures up.

Again, we attempt to shoot alternative "TV-safe" versions, which is harder than it seems on this film that’s for sure.

Later I see production designer, "Rat" and exec-producer Jon Gordon arrive on set in costume to do small cameos in the film alongside Ferrell.

Now getting to Ferrell, this is the day that really convinced me that Will’s an adlibbing genius.

"Adlibbing? I thought Kevin didn’t really allow for that?" you ask. Well neither did I, but I was definitely on hand to see it happen and am I glad I did.

You see for certain bits Kev may feel comfortable enough with a person that he will let them play around a bit with the tail end of a line or two, to "fill in the gaps" that may seem missing from the script.

Ferrell decides to just run with it, and do different variations of the line, trying to make them as funny as possible. He did these on four or five different occasions, all gems (hopefully Kev will stick ‘em on the DVD). One got to Kev so bad, that he almost blew a take from not being able to contain his laughter.

Honestly, I have NEVER seen Kev bust up laughing so hard, leaning downwards, puffing his cheeks a bit to try and hold it in. Once Ferrell was done Kev came up laughing hysterically, tears forming around his eyes, his face beet red.

He calls Will over to watch his playbacks with him. Again, we all laugh loud and hard. Kev then turns to Will and says, "I think that may be the funniest stuff I’ve ever put on film." I’d almost have to agree having been there.

We wrap around 11:06pm and Will, Kev and I climb in Scott’s SUV. We continue to sing the praises and laugh of Will’s adlibbing skills, as we travel up the road to base camp. At this time, everything’s pitch black, woodsy, dirty, and to make matters worse, visibility is nil, as a think fog has quickly rolled in making it hard to remember and difficult to tell which road we took coming in to get back to camp.

We question a bit at a crossroad. "Do we keep going straight or make a left here?" We struggle to make out any signs. Will says, "No we make a left here, then go up a bit." Kev is quick to agree, which I think he would with Will at anything he said at this point having made him laugh so hard. Lucky for us, Will was indeed right, and Scott drops the three of us off and we all head home, as dailies are scheduled for tomorrow at noon.

I have a hard time managing my way out, and dangerously low on gas doesn’t make matters any better as I end up taking the looong way out before finally finding the Ventura freeway and a gas station.

"ROLL THEM DAILIES BOYS!" – Saturday, Day 9

We do dailies today because we got out so late from wrapping last night. But these are the dailies we shot from Thursday’s El Rey shoot and we’re all curious to see how they turned out.

Beautifully. They looked gorgeous, especially the interior stuff. Coverage with the extras was good and plentiful, and whoa, Jay smooches Shannon Elizabeth! No wonder he’s here on a Saturday, lying in front of the screen, next to me, basking in all his leading man glory.

Afterwards, Jay shoots a bit of hoops on the lot, as "Rat" goes over some production blueprints with Kev.

Jay comes back over and tells a story inciting the word "nooch" for the first time outside character.

As Jay goes off, I mention to Kev that I’d like to sit in sometime with him and Scott and get some of their thoughts while editing. "Sure, but it’s boring as hell." He says.

Depends on whom you ask.


Silent Bob gets mad, minor on-set misfires, the first blue-screen effect ever filmed with Jay for a VA film, checking in with the Production Dept., and Adam Corolla, Jon Stewart and… Sandra Bullock?

Oh, and just for no particular reason, except for the pure, inane fun of it, Jason Mewes will be throwing me out a favorite new random phrase of his that will be placed at the end of each weekly column.

Here’s this week’s catch phrase of the day:


"I’m a pimp by blood." – Jason Mewes


You have a problem with me you lowly worm... well pony up the sack and drop me a line... mano a mano you blind dirt muncher!

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