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Does the King Of All Media Have A New Film Project In The Works'

Hey folks, Harry here... this is a secret... Pssst... don't tell anybody. Right now it seems that Howard Stern and his Production Company are putting together his next film project for possible release around the middle of 2002 or possibly early in the year 2003. Right now it is being considered to be an Action/Comedy sort of thing that is being co-produced between Paramount Pictures and Miramax. The title is, as of now, A GIRL IN TROUBLE, but since there is also another project in the works with the same title... that may change, but as of now the film will feature Howard Stern, Em Stern and Shirley Manson (presumably as 'the girl in trouble') Stern may actually decide to wear a quadruple crown on this baby, writing, directing, producing and starring... but I have also heard the rumor that a certain ADAPTATION fella has been being whispered to. As for what kind of trouble this girl is in? Well, is she knocked up? Did she break a nail? Did she play with a cigar somewhere once? I don't know, but we're on the case now.

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