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A pair of pics from the set of JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK!!!

Hey folks, Harry here.... With yet another report from JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK.... this time with pictures from the set.... which just wrapped up. As we speak grips are hauling in the film stuff that they, ummm... move around and stuff.... and Kevin is somewhere... I imagine he's standing atop one of those bird sweepers above a billboard in L.A. Looking out.... Planning the next scene in this epic production... Sort of like Walken in the PROPHECY.... but with circular motions. Well AICN's own Mr Dean, asking himself what Christ would do, snapped off a couple of digital pics.... (NO FLASH) of what was going on tonight.... And now you know as well! Also.... the final image on the page comes from (INSERT CLEVER ALIAS HERE) and the Make Up Room.... I believe you'll figure out what it is!

Hey Harry,

They are filming some scenes for the new Kevin Smith movie down the street. I headed down there with my digital camera and took a couple of pics. Unfortunately, it was dark out and I didn't want to use my flash, so most of them didn't turn out.

The scene that I watched was of Jason Lee and Dwight Ewell walking out of the theater talking when someone that I did not recognize says something to Jason Lee. Jason turns and attacks this guy. I don't know if you can read it but the two stars of "Bluntman and Chronic" are James Van Der Beek (Chronic) and Jason Biggs (Bluntman).

They are still filming as we speak. I am pretty psyched to see this flick. I can't wait to August.

You can call me Mr. Dean

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