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Universal's EYE SEE YOU aka THE OUTPOST aka DETOX... info

Hey folks, Harry here with a couple of pics from Stallone's EYE SEE YOU. Now... This isn't a new project, but rather... the third title for a movie that when it tested back in September of 1999 under the title DETOX, it was met with very hostile reviews. It was shelved for a while pending reshoots and possible story changes, and then the next time we heard from it, it was called THE OUTPOST. When last we heard the film was basically not going to be released, but well... now it is headed to be released on March 1st, 2000... the same day as MOMENTO, the film that people ARE raving about. Here are the original reviews: Harry Lime reviewed it first 3 more reviews can be found here! Now hopefully the film has changed quite a bit, and if you want to see these photos in color... check out click on over to IMDB's Gallery on the title!

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