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About the possibility of a new TWIN PEAKS movie...

Harry here, and this is actually something that all you fans of TWIN PEAKS can get behind... A new David Lynch directed TWIN PEAKS... apparently something is moving on the project and they are looking for the support of the fans to help demonstrate to the money types.... well that there is an honest to goodness interest. So.... Here ya go...

Hey Harry,

Just thought you might like to know that there is a French Company called Phoenixmedia that is currently looking into the possibility of doing a new Twin Peaks movie.

Now, If folks are anything like me, finding out how Cooper escapes from the Red Room makes them salivate like a bell just went off.

Best part? They have stated the following: "Many people have been asking about the involvement of David Lynch, as far as we are concerned there will be no movie if David Lynch is not on board."

They have an e-mail address set up so people can show their support of the idea. Anyone who wants to see this film made can write to: Peaks@PhoenixMedia.Co.Uk

The address will only be operational until the end of January, so hopefully you can post this quickly.

Thanks for you time,

Special Agent Phillip Jeffries

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