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Is RUN RONNIE RUN The Real Reason DeLuca Is Gone'! FIND OUT HERE!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

Even though I'm here at Park City (and finally back online as of a few hours ago), I had to take a moment to post this explosive story that was just sent to me by Bob Odenkirk of MR. SHOW fame. Hold onto your hats... this one's going to send shockwaves through the entertainment communtity as the truth about Michael DeLuca's departure from New Line is revealed for the first time anywhere!!




“Run, Ronnie, Run; The Ronnie Dobbs Story, (A Mr. Show Movie)” is the latest in a series of brazenly overblown epics that has threatened to sink a studio. A financial ass-reaming on a scale even greater than “Waterworld” or “Hudson Hawk” were in their day, it has led to the dismissal of New Line Executive and ex-wunderkind Michael Deluca. 

“It’s all relative,” spake a sharp-suited young fellow eating at the table next to me at a Hollywood restaurant, “I mean, Waterworld was budgeted at, like, eighty million, then ballooned to, uh, I don’t know, maybe a hundred and fifty. That’s practically double, right? I don’t know, but “Run, Ronnie, Run’s” budget has exploded, like, three hundred and fifty thousand percent of it’s original estimate…or something, whatever.” 

Originally budgeted at 800 dollars, “Run, Ronnie, Run” ran into immediate problems when the effort to piece the movie together out of discarded scenes from nature documentaries, (because you don’t have to pay animals residuals), fell apart when it was found that you do, actually, have to pay animals residuals. (1997 agreement with the Wildlife Guild Of America). 

In addition, the film has five writers, of which it was agreed that only two would be paid. But the Writer’s Guild stepped in and demanded that none must be paid, but all must be credited, or vice-versa, “depending on which side the arbitration board’s coin lands on”. 


The budget continued to grow when it was found that the film was scripted to be shot in the real world, and not in some Executive’s fantasy-land. The executive’s Fantasy-land that lost the bid to host the shooting is not suffering in the least, but is overbooked.

The budget continued to skyrocket when it was discovered that a skyrocket was needed for the final climactic scene. “Skyrockets cost a shitload of money,” explained the studio budget superviser, “And, depending on the load of shit you are talking about, that can be a lot. On this production we used a load of elephant shit, from a very large elephant with diarrhea. Probably a mistake on our part. A constipated finch would have been better.” 

Cast and crew insisted on being fed food during the filming. They also insisted on sleeping during a time period they described as “night”, dashing hopes that the film could be made super-quick by insomniac hunger-strikers. 

Production ceased until the cost overruns could be met, and that could only be done by firing the very executive who greenlit this money-sewer – Michael Deluca. Deluca refused to be interviewed as he was busy printing up t-shirts with the slogan, “Make My Movies!” and gluing fake Oscar statuettes to the exterior of his Porsche. 

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