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A Heaping Helpin' of THE LAST JEDI stills... with Harry captions!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Disney/Lucasfilm backed up a dump truck of shots from THE LAST JEDI - so - lets just have fun with these...   Feel free to do your own goofy captions...

Did I leave the Stove on?

I hear Netflix's DARK CRYSTAL set is really cool!


Oh me oh my oh my oh me, I'm Late I'm Late I'm Late

I am Badass!

Everyone is a little short for a StormTrooper

They call me Spider Cock!

I remain massively more awesome than everyone!

You know nothing Rey Snow

I killed my brother in a film most of you haven't seen!

Sorry - I got nothing but tears here.   I received an Auction catalogue today for the Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher Auction - where you just see their entire lives for sale and it just reveals how cool they both were.  

Do you think they have Tempest?

There is no TEMPEST!!!!

No Arm-ripping please!

Can you believe we get to do this shit?

Wait - he took the Falcon?  How am I supposed to get off this fucking planet?!?!?

I'm flying the fuck out of this ship, eat red dirt!

Look at all these panels I can destroy!!!

Not sure what to make of this shot

They slice, they dice - and if you act now you get twice the chopping action of one!

MMMMMM...  Porgs - the interstellar snack!


Alright - overall looking good - but...   it's time for another trailer - which Luke Skywalker says is coming early next month


Keep it cool,



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