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Luke Scott BLADE RUNNER short film, 2048: NOWHERE TO RUN featuring Dave Bautista!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   I prefer this BLADE RUNNER 2049 prequel short film more than the last one by Luke Scott - and I have to say that in general - these aren't doing much of anything for me.  I really hope there's something great waiting for us when we see the feature, but thus far...  I'm feeling flat about this.   The effects work doesn't feel nearly as cool as the original 25 year old movie.  Of course that film had a true vfx Rotwang in Trumbull.  Not writing the film off by a long shot.   Dying to see it.  But as much as I love THE ARRIVAL - there's something... artificial about this one that I hope goes away once the film engages me as an audeince member.


This one Rocks a bit more cuz it has Bautista kicking ass - which is always a good thing...  But I needed a Bautista blood soaked fist pulling out alley scumbag entrails.   But...  I'm craving a bit of the ultraviolence!

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