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Happy new year, round eye, here's what showed up in El Cosmico's mailbox recently:

If you click here, you might spontaneously evolve...

Here's a cool scan by from Total Movie magazine, about the upcoming SUPERMAN DVD release, which sounds completely satisfying. I mean, how great will it be that you can just skip the flying Lois poetry scene? Basically, we've got an amazing sound mix, whip-ass new scenes with Marlon Brando, and on top of that, it was a pretty damn good flick to begin with. Remember?

It looks like Sony is serious about plans to whip up a hard drive/broadband PS2 add-on, congrats to Seagate for winning the hard drive contract, but WHEN WILL IT SHIP?

Next up, this convenient test over at provides a handy way, in the words of Fast Eddie Bax, to "quantify your devotion". To William Shatner, that is.

Next up, for those of you who are wise enough to understand that Region Coded DVDs SUCK ASS, and have a code-free player, like your idol, me, then you may be interested to know that one of the finest, most ass-kicking films around, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON will soon be out on DVD in Region 3. There are a couple of places to order from that I know of,, and So, screw those bastards on ebay and just buy the damn thing at regular price. Then, watch it over and over a million times. Also, see it in the theatre a million times. Or, perish in flame.

It's your choice. But, not really.

-El Cosmico

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