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GREMLINS 3... Script by Chris Columbus... Puppets... Dark & Scary... Sounds good! Where's Dante?

Hey folks, Harry here...   So our buddy Fred Topel over at /Film ran a story after he talked with Chris Columbus about the GREMLINS 3 script that he's got in development at Warner Brothers.   By all means - rush over to read Fred's story.   You'll hear about Columbus discussing returning to the scarier & darker nature of the first film, rather than just the sublime genius of the second film.   You'll also find Columbus talking about how it'd be a Puppet based project, where CG would be used to erase strings and rods and thus make Puppeteers free to go nuts.   Which is probably a great thing.

But the entire time I'm reading - I'm thinking...  Where's Joe Dante's name?  Why did our pal Fred not say, "JOE DANTE MUST DIRECT THIS!" - I think that's cuz it feels like Chris Columbus is directing this, though that is never said.   SO...   I decided to reach out to Mister Dante and ask if he was involved in any way on the GREMLINS 3 project.   His immediate answer was "NOPE" - I responded... simply...   "HEARTBREAK" - this is when Dante volunteered, "Wasn't Asked."


Warner Brothers has an opportunity here to complete a Trilogy with its original director.   A brilliant director.   One whose personal sense of tone, style & humor is infused throughout.  This should absolutely be a Joe Dante film.   What do you good folks think?

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