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JURASSIC WORLD 2 gives us a poster & a title just 80 days into the shoot!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Quint is actually arriving in Hawaii today to be fed to the Dinosaurs which have demanded more fresh meat or no acting!  At least that is all I've been able to surmise about his visit - as he's on information lock down to a date further down the line.   But while he is there, the cast has been flooding social media with this poster:

So one year from today - we'll see Ian Malcolm protesting about the stupidity of being anywhere near Hammond's doomed dream of Dinosaurs with modern man.   We'll see Raptors riding motorcycles whilst Pratt rides them!   And we'll see that lovely lady whose dad is directing HAN SOLO return too!!

Just a mere 365 days from here.   Aren't you excited.  Bayona is gonna knock this out of the Park, it's a whole new world!   As for FALLEN KINGDOM, what do you think that's in reference to?


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