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Dwayne Johnson gives us our first look behind the scenes of RAMPAGE!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I know the idea of someone doing a Rampage movie is silly. It's even sillier still to cast The Rock in said movie. But truth be told that kind of silliness is right up my alley. If they take this one supers serious it's going to be a disaster.

The old game is simple. Big monsters compete to destroy as many buildings, cars and choppers as possible, eating the pesky tiny humans (some taking bathes) along the way until the military overwhelms them. You got a big lizard, a big monkey and a giant wolfman (for some reason).

You take that too seriously and you have Godzilla '14. You take it too brainlessly and you have Godzilla '98. There's got to be some smartly written stupidity ground that this thing can live in.

Dwayne Johnson tweeted out the first image from the making of the movie, showing Johnson himself amidst some rubble. So we do know there will be some rampaging in this Rampage movie. Good to know. Also of note: Johnson seems to be wearing his Rundown getup again. Good omen? Maybe. Check out the tweet:



What do you folks think? As always, I want to be optimistic. Way too early to tell, but I'm always pulling for Dwayne Johnson.

-Eric Vespe
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