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Hey folks, Harry here...   Oh sweet Cthulhu...  Oh delicious Dagon....   Oh fluffy El-ahrairah...  The news of Danny Elfman doing the score for JUSTICE LEAGUE...   please allow Danny Elfman to jettison all DC Cinematic Universe music used thus far - and instead unleash his mind into creating - or using some of his pre-existing music.     Danny Elfman's BATMAN score is second only to John Williams' SUPERMAN.   But I'm also a never-ending lover of Elfman's FLASH theme, which I hum whenever I'm in a rush.    I also hum his BATMAN theme to myself whenever I think BATMAN, see the bats fly out of the Congress Ave Bridge here in town - or even see a bat, which is often in Austin!  

Now - Joss Whedon is responsible for this brilliant decision.   Having worked with Elfman on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON...   which I loved.   Whedon needs to set Danny loose on this.   Give the film the soul to lift it above any superhero film we've seen in this modern Superhero Golden Era.  I think every kid coming off of WONDER WOMAN is thinking JUSTICE LEAGUE could be the greatest thing ever - and ELFMAN could absolutely be the difference.   LET HIM LOOSE!   Just great news - hope he brings his A game.   Just get out of his way!


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