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The voice of TREEBEARD in LORD OF THE RINGS is...

Hey folks, Harry here... I heard rumblings about this rumor while I was in New Zealand, but I just got the following e-mail in confirming it and acknowledging that the contract is signed to have John Rhys-Davies voice TREEBEARD!!! With that rich baritone sound... John will be lending his voice to the Eldest of living beings in Middle Earth. The Treebeard toy from Weta and Sideshow will be, something to marvel at... The real Treebeard used for the live-action scenes with Treebeard was simply amazing. So celebrate and be happy.... the voice of Sallah is in!!!!


By now you may have found out that John Rhys-Davies will be returning to NZ to voice the Treebeard character.

Contracts and terms flew back and forth for quite awhile, but PJ really wanted John to do Treebeard in addition to Gimli so the deal finally got done.


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