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5-25-77 trailer for a 5-25-17 release everywhere!!! Over 40 Years In The Making!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  10 years ago I held a local screening of a rough cut work in progress of Patrick Read Johnson's Autobiographical pic about his legendary status as the first kid to see STAR WARS and how that changed his life forever.   I know, I know...   STAR WARS changed a lot of us and why should we care about this kid's story?   Well, for one...   It isn't just STAR WARS...   This film is a time capsule that Johnson and his incredibly talented Geek Talent Friends have been working to finesse this film till they were perfectly... Seventies.   More so, the film is a coming of age story that tells the tale of Love and the Geek.   The film feels like a geeky DAZED & CONFUSED at times, at least as a rough cut.

Well now, the film is due to be released upon 5-25-17 in theaters all over.   This is a triumph of Patrick Read Johnson's determination to get this film out there.  To show the joy and wonder that growing up in the seventies - when all things Geek began to transform the world for the better!   Now, check out this exclusive trailer we got here - and share it with the world!


And that's just the tip of the geekberg!  This is a film that no film geek should ever miss!


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