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The Justice League has come together in their first trailer!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. After a few hundred character posters we're finally ready to see the actual teaser trailer for Justice League, Zack Snyder's big course corrector for the DC cinematic universe.

Check it out and I'll be back with some thoughts after:



The trailer is big, loud and full of spectacle, but the main positive thing I took away from it was actually the tiny glimpses of character work we see. There's not a whole lot here, but Aquaman gets the best shake out of this trailer, I think. Jason Mamoa's charm comes shining through in a couple of nice moments.

Other than that... I have no idea what the stakes are or why this team is gathered together, which should be a big hook in the marketing of this thing. Why are these Gods and superpowered people gathering together? We don't have eight DC movies leading up to this, which benefitted Marvel, so I think the audience is going to want to feel like there's a reason for all these heroes to gather together.

But no matter what, Snyder's eye for stylized action is as apparent as ever and it looks like there's a whole lotta money up on the screen. That second part doesn't really mean much in terms of quality, but in terms giving an audience some bang for their buck I think it's a good start.

I can also bet we're getting a glimpse of Superman closer to release to really push people to the theaters. I guess we'll see.

-Eric Vespe
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