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Is Saddam Hussein Trying To Steal Christmas'

El Cosmico here, wondering why you can't get that most precious of items under your tree? Well, it seems that our somewhat misguided pal Saddam Hussein is hoarding Playstation 2s.

Fortunately, Robo and I have ours already, but as Worldnet Daily reports, the US Customs Service and the FBI are becoming increasingly interested in an apparently HUGE number of PS2s into Iraq. The number is something like 4000 units, purchased in the US and sent to Santa Hussein.

So, does Saddam just want to get really good at Dynasty Warriors 2? Does he have an Armored Core 2 fetish? Maybe he's been overwhelmed by those SSX commercials, or he just wants to beat the crap out of Michael Jackson in Ready To Rumble: Round 2?

No, it seems he just wants to build weapons systems with them. Whew, that's a relief. Apparently, they're good for stuff like guidance systems and the like. BLAM!

Avid readers of AICN will recall that I mentioned such possibilities in last April's article entitied "Playstation 2: Whip-Ass Gaming Console or Missile Guidance System?" Ah, the prescience of Xochipilli.

Anyhoo, the story today comes from Worldnet Daily, and can be found here.

-El Cosmico

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