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Let's consult Bit about the latest TRON news...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. THR had some interesting news regarding Disney's plans for future Tron movies. Luckily I was hanging out with one of the stars of the original Tron and thought I'd run some of these new rumors by this incredibly versatile actor.

Everybody, say hi to Bit!



Welcome to AICN, bit. Thanks for stopping by. So, the news broke a couple years ago that Disney put Joseph Kosinski's Tron 3 on an indefinite hold. Now reports are coming in that they're wanting to reboot the franchise, pulling characters and situations out of Kosinski's Tron 3 script to do so. Do you think this is a good idea?



No? Huh. Okay, I get that you're resistant to the idea, but how it's not going to be a remake, rather a reboot starring a new program called Ares, a character created for the proposed Tron 3?



You're really stuck in your ways, aren't you, Bit? But they're talking to an Academy Award winning actor to play the lead...



And that actor is Jared Leto...










I guess Bit wasn't a fan of that idea. Can't blame the poor little binary program, though. Jared Leto starring in a Tron reboot built out of the corpse of Kosinski's Tron 3 script doesn't sound super appealing to me, either...

-Eric Vespe
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