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GHOST IN THE SHELL has a new theatrical trailer to try and convince us to check it out!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   There's some very nice looking work here, I just rewatched the original Mamoru Oshii anime just two days ago...  and it was at like 4 in the morning, and I've seen the film 5 times theatrically and about 20 times on Home Video and every time, I'm enraptured.   Engaged.   I want Anime to kickass in these adaptations.   I mean, seriously - who wants a shit version of any of these.   ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL, this, that long gestating AKIRA movie....   The trailer definitely has me interested in seeing it, shit, I was always going to see it.   But it still doesn't quite have fully engaged for some hypnotic reason.  Hope whatever that is goes away in the movie experience.   C'mon, work!


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