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Grab your tissues... BRIGHT LIGHTS trailer - an HBO doc on Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds is here...

Hey folks, Harry here...  Sometimes life doesn't seem real at all.  When Carrie Fisher passed, I chose to watch POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE first.   One, my wife had never seen it, and Two, I wanted to celebrate Carrie Fisher more than STAR WARS.  Because Carrie was a whole lot more than those blessed movies.   But we watched it, there were tears.  Then I watched the Trilogy.   The next day, we had to go shopping for a new Microwave, as I wanted to get one for Patricia, but wanted to pick it out with her, so on Christmas she got an I.O.U. for it.  Before we left the house, the word hit that Debbie Reynolds was headed to the hospital.  The entire shopping trip, everytime my phone buzzed - I feared the worst.  When we got home with the microwave, and there was still no word, I really hoped Debbie was out of danger.  But then.  Todd Fisher let the world know that Debbie was gone too.

Daughter and mother.   Not just any Daughter & Mother, but true Hollywood Royalty.   SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is just about as big & colorful a Hollywood classic as you can get - and Debbie Reynolds makes the whole thing work.   If you didn't fall in love with her, then you didn't have a pulse.   She's beyond great opposite Gene Kelly - who's glowing like Vegas throughout that film.   And of course, Carrie Fisher.  STAR WARS.  The modern goliath that is still making all the money.   

When they passed, we had heard that HBO had been working on a Documentary about Debbie & Carrie - today... the trailer hit.  It reminds me of my Mom and my Grandmother.  Two women that loved & lost hair over one another.  There's something uncanny about just witnessing this trailer and realizing that I can go to my HBO GO account and watch the Doc... but they just passed...  and here's this doc, which is all about them being full of life.  

I can't wait to watch BRIGHT LIGHTS.  I never met Carrie, but I did meet Debbie Reynolds on a TCM Cruise that Yoko and I took FatherGeek on.   We shared an elevator or two together on the trip.  She commented on my redhair and how we have to stick together.   I was in awe.  She looked pretty much exactly as she does in this doc, just vibrant, sharp and beautiful as always.   Here's BRIGHT LIGHTS:



It feels impossible to me that this Doc is here now.  But then, from what we've heard, Debbie was in declining health, having several close calls in recent times, so it makes sense that Carrie made sure they did something like this.  Of course, nobody could have predicted their exit.  It's so perfectly sad as to be joyous.  So tragic, as to be life-affirming.   As Debbie's passing has been described, it was as if she willed herself to the beyond.   That's so Jedi of a little girl from El Paso, Tx.   

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