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Everybody's after John Wick! Check out the final poster and trailer for John Wick 2!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. When everything is grim and live kinda stinks all you have to do is remember there's a new John Wick movie on the way and your frown turns right the fuck upside down.

The first movie was a pleasant surprise and now the sequel has the Herculean task of living up to the head-shot filled extraordinary revenge flick. What better way to up the ante than to have a price put on Wick's head so big that all the assassins of the world are after him?

This puts John Wick on the defensive, an interesting position to put a dude that good at killing.

The movie comes out next February and we have the final poster (above) and trailer (below) told you over a couple of months. Enjoy!


-Eric Vespe
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