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I am – Hercules!!

“I have heard rumors that the one reason they haven’t moved sooner on Obi-Wan is that they’re not done with Obi-Wan quite yet in the Saga films. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Obi-Wan [solo movie] happen beyond Episode IX,” Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican tells Rebel Force Radio.

Well, they certainly won’t be mounting a Kenobi solo movie BEFORE Episode IX. In September Disney chief Bob Iger offered to the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference this batting order:

2015 Episode VII (J.J. Abrams)
2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Gareth Edwards)
2017 Episode VIII (Rian Johnson)
2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story (Chris Miller/Phil Lord)
2019 Episode IX (Colin Trevorrow)
2020 Mysterious Third Star Wars Story

"I think that there’ll probably be some reference to Obi-Wan in the Saga films, and his connection to whatever characters he happens to have a connection with,” continued Breznican. “I’ve already written that I think that Rey has some kind of connection to him -- family connection. So if that’s the case, maybe we see a part of that play out in the future Obi-Wan movie. Ewan McGregor would be the perfect age to reprise that (character)."

“Family connection,” eh? Funny how little we know about Old Ben Kenobi after six movies and a lorryload of cartoons. Have the movies offered more about Boba’s and Finn’s secret origins than we know about Obi-Wan’s?

McGregor says he’s plenty interested in playing Obi-Wan again on the big screen. “I’ve always thought there was a story to tell between my last one and Alec Guinness’ first one,” the actor told Premiere Magazine last month. “It would be fun to film that story now I’m older, I’d be the right age. I’m forty-five, Alec Guinness was what, sixty? I could do two of them (laughs)! I hope that they’re going to explore different genres under the Star Wars banner. And one of those could be an Obi-Wan Kenobi feature film. Or two! The Obi-Wan Kenobi Story Part 1 and Part 2!”

That wizard is just a crazy old man.

Hear all of Breznican’s discussion of the matter here.

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