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Quint 2016 Holiday Gift Guide PART 3! Geeky Housewares! Toys! Collectibles! Rich Stuff!



Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Welcome to the third and final section of this year's Holiday Gift Guide! It was another banner year filled to the brim with geeky merch. You've already seen Blu-Rays, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, awesome soundtracks, the best video games and some super awesome geeky art prints. Now we move on to the heavy hitters: geektastic housewares, toys, collectibles and, to cap it all of, some ludicrously expensive pieces that give their category to called RICH STUFF.

I did my best to organize housewares by different areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room, car/garage, etc) in each price category, so if you think about all these items in a single house you'll get the geekiest living quarters ever dreamed up by man.

Collectibles are always tricky because nowadays you have to pre-order so far in advance to stand a chance at getting them at all, especially when it comes to Sideshow and Hot Toys stuff. So, a lot of these are pre-orders, but I went out of my way to seek out some stuff that could be here by Christmas. But a pre-order print-out can be just as effective. I've done it before for friends (with the Hot Toys Delorean) and it's still a great surprise.

Anyway, let's finish off this grand adventure, shall we? Oh, and keep an eye peeled for one more particularly cool contest!


Cheap ($24.99 and under)



Star Wars Tiki Mugs. I'm sure there have been people who have done this before, but not as good as the Thinkgeek folks just did it. The Yoda one in particular is rad as hell! $14.99ea, or $79.99 for the set of 6.



BB-8 likes to help. Sometimes he carries maps, sometimes he wakes up R2-D2, sometimes he lends a hand (arm? Claw? Lighter?) in the kitchen. He does seem particularly well built for being a series of stacked measuring cups, doesn't he? On sale right now for $11.99.



Love these heat-activated mugs and Han and Chewie firing up the hyperdrive is a particularly fun image to enjoy with your morning cuppa. On sale right now for $5.99 (usually $14.99).


If you're feeling spry and awake and happy then go with the light speed mug. If you get up on the other side of the bed and hate the world then maybe go for the Death Star destroying a billion lives all at once. For those fuck-the-world mornings! On sale for $5.99.



Lights on or lights off in Mario's world. Another heat-activated mug for your geeky pleasure. $9.99.



Don't be a Captain Marvel hipster! Everybody will love her when Brie Larson's stand-alone movie comes out, but you can be ahead of the curve, silently judging the late-comers while sipping coffee in the office very morning. On sale for $11.99.



This is either really freakin' stupid or really freakin' awesome. I can't settle on which it is. An Infinity Gauntlet mug you actually put your hand in. Don't that just beat all. $15.99.



So there's a bottle koozie that turns your Mexican coke into the shape of an actual bottle of Nuka-Cola. This amuses me. I am amused. $7.99.



More Fallout stuff! Here we have bottlecap fridge magnets, which will help out when the nukes fall in a couple years and we no longer have to fire up our gaming consoles to enter into the Fallout world. That's worth at least a few shotgun shells in post-apocalyptic currency, right? $9.99.



I know we haven't seen Rogue One yet, so we don't know if we'll like the new droid in the Star Wars universe, K2SO, but it's voiced by Alan Tudyk, so even if the rest of the movie's a shit-show you can bet this character will be pretty awesome. Now you can own a fridge magnet of him! On sale for $4.99.



Here are a couple Star Trek console readout magnets for your fridge, if it's not crowded enough with all the other geeky magnets I've put on the guide. No word on if telling it you want Tea, Earl Grey, hot, will work, but it's worth a shot! $9.99.



You already got the fridge magnets, so you might as well get the matching coaster set. Don't slow down now! $14.99.



If you're more into Warring than Trekking, then how about some of these neat-o Star Wars wooden coasters? Rest your sweaty glass of ginger ale on Chewbacca's face. I'm sure he won't mind. On sale for $14.99.



Ghost trap lunchbox to send the kiddies off to school with (or nerdy husband or wife off to work with). Don't forget to stock up on Ecto Coolers to include with whatever sammiches you make. $24.99.



Pokemon Go and them new 3DS games have made Pokemon all the rage again. My nephews and their elementary school-aged friends are even more crazy for those damn things than my little brother was back in the day. I'm sure any little one in your house will shit a brick to see you break out some Pokeball serving bowls. On sale for $9.99 (regularly $19.99).



More Fallout stuff. Sorry (not sorry). Sugar Bombs cereal bowl. Just need some real deal Sugar Bomb cereal to come out now. Ball's in your court, Kellogg! $11.99.



Darth Vader lightsaber handle spatula to help you along the path to the dark side... I mean, not too dark. Don't burn those pancakes, but we love a nice, golden crust. $14.99.



Sometimes you're cooking up a pizza and the only thing that can help you make the perfect cut is a Time Lord's Sonic Screwdriver. Yes, it makes sounds when you use it. $9.99.



Doctor Who Weeping Angel will make sure to keep your cookies fresh. Don't turn your back on this cookie jar. Trust me. $9.99.



I don't know why I'm so enchanted by nerdy salt and pepper shakers. I don't even own any, but I love how we geeky types can't stand having anything mundane and ordinary in the house and will turn literally any and everything we can into something that reflects our love of pop culture. Case in point: this Death Star salt and pepper shaker set. $14.99.



Hahaha. A BB-8 teapot and teacup, because why not? On sale for $19.99.



Just when you think you couldn't get a sillier BB-8 item on the guide this year, here's a waffle maker. This one is actually pretty smart. The shape's already there, afterall. On sale for $23.99 (regularly $39.99).



Now you can mix yourself some smoothies using a weapon that murdered an Old Man in cold blood. His powers were weak, so it was kinda his fault, really. I actually don't have a hand mixer, so I'm super tempted to scoop this one up... $19.99.



Let the Falcon help you charge your micro-USB powered device. Yeah, it lights up when it's charging. Neato! On sale for $9.99.



For you World of Warcraft fans out there with crappy batteries on your phones you have a choice of Alliance or Horde for your Powerbank needs. The Alliance one comes in the form of a Stormwind shield. The horde one is a little pricier, so check the next section, but this Shield is on sale right now for $24.99 (typically $44.99).



If you need a little more light (and don't mind possibly obliterating some peaceful planets in the process) then here's a touch-activated Death Star mood light, that glows either red or white depending on your preference. $19.95.



This R2 unit does NOT have a bad motivator. It does have the ability to act as a bluetooth speaker and microphone, so you can pair him with your smart phone and use him to make calls or just stream your Spotify. He lights up! On sale for 60% off right now at $19.99 (usually $49.99).



One of the most useful items in this section this year is this R2 shaped power station. He has 2 USB ports, four US Standard Sockets and a map to find Luke Skywalker. You know, all the essentials! On sale for $17.99 (usually $29.99).



Kids love Five Nights At Freddy's. It's weird. I mean, it's awesome that a game about creepy animatronics coming to kill you is a favorite amongst our youth, but it's still weird. This is a really fun gift for someone really into that game. It's a flashlight that shines a beam and is occasionally interrupted the image of Freddy or Springtrap. It'd be funny to leave this out for the next power outage and not tell the kids. You'll have to throw out a pair of underwear, but it'll be worth it! On sale for $19.99.



A lightsaber screwdriver set is a no-brainer, right? Especially when it's on sale for $11.99.



These are wall hooks that make it look like lightsabers are jammed into your house so you can hold purses, coats, hats, bandolier filled with bowcaster ammo, whathaveyou. On sale for $9.99 (normally $24.99).




This is still the best sunshield ever made for any geeky car. These things are kind of necessary in Texas summers unless you want your steering wheel to be flesh-searingly hot, might as well make jocks roll their eyes and fellow geeks smile, right? $9.74.



Or you can go even geekier and make it look like your car was front and center during the Battle of New York and took home a souvenir. $14.99.





While we're decking your car out in geekery, how about hanging some fuzzy Hellraiser puzzle box dice from your rearview? Gotta be tempting to open these up when stuck traffic, no? $17.99.



We're not done in your car yet! Gotta hang this Flux Capacitor off your keychain. Someone's gotta go back and make sure Trump doesn't get ahold of that Sports Almanac, afterall. On sale for $4.99.




Cthulhu will look down upon us mere mortals from the top of your tree! This Old One was made with blown glass, so be careful putting him up on top of your tree! $19.99.



If you want something dark, but not quite Lovecraftian sitting on top of your tree this year, you can also go with this Krampus tree-topper, complete with basket filled with naughty children! $19.99.



I think we can all agree that most Christmas trees are missing a shrunken head or two. Now you can hang some of Trader Sam's best goods from your tree! $14.99.



How about a sneaky Shining reference to help get you into the holiday season? While not technically a Christmas movie, it's definitely a movie to get you in the mood for cold and snow, right? $14.99.



You can now level up your tree's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats! And you didn't even have to find some bobbleheads out in the wastes! On sale for $14.99 (usually $30.00).



Olivander's Wand Shop ornament will choose you... after you buy it first. Don't overthink it. $24.95.



This Darth Vader Nutcracker can also double as a Darth Helmet from Spaceballs figure. In fact, I think I'm going to make the call and say that it's definitely Rick Moranis under all that. $24.98.



We got some nerdy coin banks on the Guide this year, but you couldn't trust your coins to a better protector than a Thermal Imaged Predator. He is kind a rude, though. He'll chuckle and call you an ugly motherfucker every time you deposit your pocket change. $22.94.



Lord Cthulhu has no need for your money, so you know he won't make off with it. This sucker glows in the dark, too. Bonus. $16.95.



This coin bank is actually pretty huge. I mean, it is the Infinity Gauntlet so it makes sense, but even with that quarter size comparison you don't really get a feel for how big this thing is (that's what she said). On Sale for $19.99.



One more coin bank (for this section). Hulkbuster Iron Man is on the case this time. On Sale for $19.99.



Here's a nifty journal with a red, white and blue fabric cloth fabric cover with a metal shield emblem on the front. Nerdy? Absolutely. Cool, damn straight! Now you know what you can write up your list of things to catch up on since your ice cube nap. $19.99.



And you can use these floaty Star Trek pens to write in your Cap journal! One of them has a shirtless Sulu fencing back and forth (oh my!), the other is Gorn and Kirk stuck in their famous duel! $16.94.



This Dark Lord of the Sith hides a secret... his lightsaber is actually a pen! He's a pen holder! His lightsaber pen comes with 2 ink refills, so write away! On Sale for $11.99 (usually $29.99).



Wasn't exactly sure what section to put these Bioshock stickers in, but this seems as good a place as any. You gotta make a choice. A man chooses... $5.99.



You can't let your shower curtain go un-geekified. That's wasted nerd space! This Next Gen Enterprise blueprint shower curtain should do the trick! $17.54.



These pills are supposed to make your poo glittery. But then the Etsy seller urges you not to actually ingest them. It's technically not toxic, so I'd wager that's legal cover your ass stuff. So, eat it or don't (I certainly won't be the first to try it), but when I saw glittery poo capsules existed I had to put them in this guide... Thanks to my buddy George for alerting me to the existence of this amazing thing. $12.00.

Moderate ($25.00-$70.99)



Do I like popcorn? You bet I do! Would I be cool with cooking a batch up in R2's guts? Sister, you better believe it! $43.99.



A Death Star popcorn maker is an even better idea! You can catch the fresh-popped popcorn in the other half of the Death Star and you already have your bowl sorted! What'll they think of next? $49.99.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Yep, that's what it looks like: An R2-D2 coffee press! Just when you thought they've done everything with that droid! $39.99.



You knew this was coming the second you saw The Force Awakens, right? $32.99.



This Marvel Civil War cutting board forces you to choose between Iron Man and Captain America. One side is the Arc Reactor design, the other Cap's shield. Team Cap all the way! $29.99.



Speaking of Team Cap, here's something fucking ridiculous. I love it so much and I hate tea. $29.77.



The Twin Peaks Sign on a woven throw blanket! The perfect thing to keep warm under while you cuddle up and catch up on the show before the new episodes air! $49.95.



A soft Enterprise fleece could also be a welcome Netflix and chill cuddle helper. $27.44.



I like this one. A comfy throw blanket that features the Vault-Tec billboard ad from the Fallout games? Yep, right up my alley! $29.99.



Harry Potter twin/full bedding set, including a comforter and two pillow shams. Next best thing to getting to study at Hogwarts! $66.70.



Of all the bedspreads I've encountered in my travels, this was the most... comfortable. On sale for $34.99-$62.99.



A rug that is a screenshot from Space Invaders? Yes, please! $49.99.



Critical hit! Why not have this 20 sided die rug in your game room? It'll really tie the room together and potentially defend you from a Demogorgon attack. $50.00.



Do you have a boring old bare door that pisses you off every time you pass by? How about transforming that door into a portal into a dimension of sight and sound? Twilight Zone vinyl decal will fit most standard size doors. $39.99.



You can get your own Triwizard Cup and not even have solve any bullshit puzzles or fight dragons for it! It's a lamp! On sale right now for $29.99.



Also on sale is this lamp that projects the shadow of Snape's Patronus and will make you cry every goddamn time you turn it on. $29.99.



Han in Carbonite wall hang lights up at its base, making a kind of movie-accurate shadow along the face. You love it. It knows. $49.99.



This 3-D multicolor LED Millennium Falcon lamp looks badass, doesn't it? Definitely a unique light source. That hunk of junk's got it where it counts! $57.44.



Ha! I love this! The BB-8 Architectural Desk Lamp comes in two sizes. I call one Luxo, the other Luxo Jr... $49.99-$59.99.



You ever look at your garden and think it looks good, but is missing a droid? If you have, I gotchu covered, boo. Here's a resin R2-D2 lawn ornament to make sure those next door know you're one of the cool neighbors. $69.99.



Even cooler than R2, in my opinion, is this Jawa lawn ornament... see the little solar panel on his head? That makes his eyes light up! How about that! Science! On Sale for $47.99 (usually $79.99).



The force is strong with this tree topper. The Dark Side is represented by Mr. Darth Vader, Sir. He shall keep order this holiday season. $42.80.



Or you can go with wise Master Yoda instead. The only problem with putting Yoda on top of the tree is he'll randomly start levitating your presents, trying to teach your asshole little brother the Force. So, don't put any of the breakables within eyesight. $49.51.



A hardcase carry-on size Batman suitcase! Only problem is most of Batman's arsenal won't make it past security, so make sure to put your Shark Repellent in your checked bag. On sale for $59.99 (usually $99.99).



BB-8 can charge up two devices while you're driving around and he'll move and make noise while doing it! $29.99.



Yes, this is a Baby Groot car charger. Yes, he has two USB ports. Yes, he dances while he's charging your phone. $39.99.



In the cheap section there was an Alliance powerbank, a Stormwind shield to carry around extra battery power. The Horde gets to charge their shit, too. They have to use this Doomhammer. Slightly more... noticeable... than your average extra battery pack, no? $39.99 (after a electronic rebate).



One of those First Order TIE Fighters and it acts as a bluetooth wireless speaker and can be used as a receiver if you wanted to take a call through it because who doesn't want to talk to mom while speaking into a TIE fighter? $37.24.



If you'd rather go for a Death Star Bluetooth Speaker. It lights up while it plays your crappy music! $49.99.



Get away from my laundry quarters, you BITCH! This Alien Queen coin bank will certainly stand out more than the usual loose change jar you set up on you kitchen counter...$27.07.



PJ McQuade is back with some sweet geeky Christmas cards in stock! In the past he's done geeky Christmas holiday mashups, like Star Wars, but now he's outdone himself by going with Temple of Doom. You guys know I'll go to bat for this film any day of the week and now I have some Holiday Cards I'm envious of. I wish I had, like, a box of these to send out to literally everybody I know. You can do what I can not! Send these out and freak out the grandparents! $35.00 for a set of 10.

Expensive ($71.00-$249.99)



This cuckoo clock is all kinds of awesome. First, it's hand-cast and hand-painted, features the Munsters standing in front of their house, plays the Munsters music and the house lights flicker at the top of every hour. $199.95.



Here's another Death Star wireless bluetooth speaker... the difference is this one frickin' floats! It hovers in space... and plays music. We are living in the future! $212.98.



Star Trek won't be left out of the bluetooth revolution! Ever want a communicator that actually works? Well, this one does! It acts as a cell phone handset, so if you pair it with your phone you can go around talking into it like Kirk calling for a beam up! $149.95.



You want an Iron Man-themed light up keyboard geared for gaming, then you're in luck! Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux! $129.99.



This limited edition Captain Kirk bookend looks pretty badass, doesn't it? Love the pose, love the paint job and rendering of everybody's favorite horndog Starfleet Captain (even if it's obvious that if they should have gone with Picard if they wanted a Starfleet Captain to safeguard your bookshelf). $134.99.



A Smaug incense burner? Well, now they have thought of everything, haven't they? The dragon sits upon his stack of stolen dwarf gold and spews sweet-smelling smoke out of his mouth. $99.99.



You don't even need to visit Miskatonic University to invite the Great Old One into your home. Cthulhu head rug! $150.00.



It's not the holidays without some ridiculous Nativity Scene, so why not go a little sacrilegious with this Hipster Nativity Set, complete with the three Kings on Segues carrying their gifts in Amazon boxes and Joseph and Mary taking a selfie with baby Jesus? Really piss off your visiting family with this one this holiday! $129.99.



PRE-ORDER, December! I don't really have a use for a mini-fridge, but if I was ever going to get one it'd be this one! It holds a 12 pack worth of soda or beer cans and even has a working light on the top. Nuka-Cola Quantum sold separately. $150.00.


Cheap ($24.99 and under)



There are so many Funkos out every year it's hard to focus on just a few. Hell, I can't even really keep track of what's new or not, so I picked a couple that stood out to me as being particularly cool. These Pop Vinyls are perfect gifts because they're usually pretty cheap, they're super cute in an exaggerated cartoon kinda way and they get just about any and every license to ever exist. This is a line that can support Disney princesses and Alex DeLarge. Amazing. Cute and Clockwork Orange really don't got together, but this Pop somehow makes it work! $9.31.



The original Pete's Dragon will always be a warm blanket film for me and I love that there's a Funko Pop Elliott figure and that he's twice as big as the usual Pop Vinyl! $12.87.



I spoil my nephews pretty bad. I've gotten them cool shit from all over the world... a whale bone necklace from New Zealand, an Eiffel Tower statue bought at the actual Eiffel tower... but the thing I got the older one that he probably liked the most was a plush Mr. Meeseeks. Go figure. Now there's a Rick and Morty to join him! $14.99 for Rick, $14.99 for Morty and $14.99 for Mr. Meeseeks!.



Chevy Chase in your house is never a bad thing (unless you're Dan Harmon, I guess). Pick up this Neca Christmas Vacation figure and you'll have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tapdanced with Danny Fuckin' Kaye! $24.99.



The Ultimate Neca Terminator 7” figure is neat for a lot of reasons, the main one being that it features Schwarzenegger decked out in his Tech Noir super '80s outfit. It also comes with his creepy no-eyebrows head! $24.99.



Apparently Rat was one of the less popular Fantastic Mr. Fox figures because he's half the price of the other figures in the set. Fine with me because Rat's one of my favorites from the flick! $9.98.



Nathan Drake done up by Neca and in a hell of a sculpt! Check him out! $24.99.



This is pretty neat. Bethesda has a Skyrim dragon skeleton build-yourself figure. Sadly it doesn't come with the dragon's soul, so you won't be able to shout the nearest wall down. Sorry. On sale through Sunday for $24.00.



A cute little stuffed animal that turns vicious with a single squeeze? Be still my beating heart! I instantly want to buy one of these for every kid in my life. $19.99.



Nerf often gets ignored in this guide, not because I have a problem with the brand... I just can't keep up with what's new and what isn't. I did see this Ghostbusters Nerf pistol, though, and it reminded me of something I'd have as a kid, so bam! It made the cut! $18.22.



It's not often you can purchase something cool during this buying season and help someone with your purchase. Above is a charity medallion and it's pretty cheap. Your purchase helps Pets for US Vets, which places spayed and neutered dogs and cats with US Veterans free of charge. Sometimes a human needs an animal and an animal needs a human, so you can help make that happen and get a cool Lucasfilm approved 3PO coin for only $12.50 including shipping.



More Star Wars stuff to get you in the Christmas mood! I mean, there's Santa Claus, the baby Jesus and then the Space Slug from Empire. That's the order of Christmas imagery, right? This Space Slug Snow Globe is on sale for $9.99.



Why settle for a 3 ¾ inch Star Wars: Rogue One figure when you can get a 19 inch Deathtrooper? $24.99.



Most Lego sets are crazy expensive (there's a few later down on this list), but I like to include some that won't instantly murder your wallet. Here's a cheaper K2SO Rogue One set for $21.19.

Moderate ($25.00-$70.99)



The Yellow Submarine Lego set is probably my favorite thing in this section. It might not have the Oh-Shit jaw-dropping reaction of some of the super expensive Premium Format Sideshow stuff later on, but I adore The Beatles, especially the Yellow Submarine cartoon versions and can't believe Lego actually went forward with this. Super cool. I only wish the Jaws/Orca Lego Ideas had been approved... $59.99.



You can build your own Wall-E now, too! He's gonna be lonely, though, so hopefully Lego's at work on an Eve as well. $59.09.



Lego's Tardis Console Room will delight any Whovian, for sure. Another great set from them this year! $52.99.



This might be a Rogue One Lego set, but a Chicken Walker can also double as a Return of the Jedi piece if you already have the Ewok Village set. That's what I'd do anyway. $39.95.



Rogue One introduces a new ship into Star Wars lore: the U-Wing and now you can build one yourself! $67.69.



So, this is an old one, but it's still one of my favorite sets Lego has released. The original Ghostbusters' Ecto-1. In Lego. Still awesome. $49.99.



Samurai Vader is a thing to behold, isn't he? The lightsaber katana is a nice touch. $67.15.



Neca's Weird Al figure is a thing of beauty. The fact that you can swap between '80s Yankovic and modern Yankovic is a lovely touch. I never thought I wanted a Weird Al figure until I saw this and now I'm pre-occupied with it. Think we'll ever get a UHG Weird Al as Rambo figure? That'd be super cool. $27.97.



Another random music-related action figure set hit recently... Public Enemy have their own toys! TerminatorX, Chuck D, Professor Griff and Flavor Flav (complete with his giant clock necklace) are all represented! $60.00.



Ash V Evil Dead is really coming into its own this season, thanks in large part to the weirdness set up at the end of last season. Neca returns to the “making little plastic Bruce Campbells” game with this set of Older Ash and two of Ruby's demon spawn children. $36.99.



If you'd rather collecting Ash in his prime, Neca also did an Ultimate version of his Evil Dead II era that comes with a befuddles Ash, Necronomicon, possessed hand, Nyby's reel to reel and Linda's severed head. $33.99.



Another Neca Ultimate. Here's Friday the 13th 3 Jason, which is his first time with the iconic hockey mask. He has that mask, as well as two different unmasked heads and a lot of his instruments of death, including the speargun that caused a whole generation to go crosseyed when watching that spear fly towards them in 3D! $33.99.



Dream Warriors Freddy! Yes! Neca's continuing Ultimate line features my favorite Nightmare sequel, which means we get cool shit like the popsicle stick doll house and that weird string puppet Freddy! Welcome to prime time! $33.95.



The coolest thing about this Contra 2 pack is how Neca replicated the spray fire that always cleared the screen at the most opportune moment. $30.00.



So, this Ghostbusters Proton Pack toy projects a ghost image on the wall when you aim the stick, making it look like you're capturing the ghost. I'm featuring this mostly because I had one almost exactly like it as kid. I think it was a Real Ghostbusters cartoon tie-in. You'd put in slides and shine it like a flashlight on the wall. So, nostalgia, but realizing that I spent so much time playing with it as a kid and maybe today's kids might get as much enjoyment out of this version. $55.91.



Another blast from the past is the return of Viewmaster which has re-invented itself as a VR experience and it's really damn cool. Now it's a whole audio/visual thing, not just simple 3D image. Like, the new Batman: The Animated Series Viewmaster slide pack is like walking around in an episode, with original dialogue from Kevin Conroy's Batman, Mark Hamill's Joker, Tara Strong's Batgirl and Loren Lester's Robin. $44.99 for the cool Batman bundle or $29.99 for the standard version.



Speaking of Batman: The Animated Series, how about this Batman mini-bust that was a SDCC exclusive, but you can get it now without having to wait in line or paying ridiculous flipper prices! $53.98.



Can't leave Joker out! No, sir. That's just asking for trouble! Not a Con exclusive, but a cool one anyway. $39.61.



This Animated Rocket Raccoon mini-statue is a SDCC exclusive, limited to only 1000. He's tiny (only about 4 inches tall), but looks pretty rad. $49.99.



Eight inch tall statue of Spock opening Christmas presents filled with Tribbles! Love it! $39.99.



Very cool retro set of Captain America done up in Mego style! Multiple outfits, heads and accessories! Limited to 2000 worldwide and currently on sale for $47.99 (usually $79.99).



Megablocks has an Enterprise Bridge (ToS, a'course) for you to build if you so desire. And you should desire. Comes with Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Sulu figures. $47.00.



T-60 Power Armor mini-bust! Love the detail... it's already giving me flashbacks to about hour 140 climbing into my suit of armor and going out hunting for caps and bobbleheads! On sale through Sunday for $52.00 (usually $65.00).



Cynicism can spoil the holidays. Not just for you, but for everybody around you. So, chin up this holiday season. Gather your wits, open up your heart, buy this and gift it to somebody close to you to prove you can literally give a flying fuck. $25.58.



Why settle for a boring ol' drone when you can pilot the Enterprise? This bad boy lights up, makes Enterprise-y sounds. Be careful, though. If it gets attacked it's likely to blow itself up. That's just how Enterprises do it these days, apparently. $54.59.

Expensive ($71.00-$249.99)



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Justin Ishmael, one of the guys who helped make Mondo the powerhouse it is today, has a new company and he's launching it with a really cool vinyl figure. It's called Galligantus and is a toy version of the Famous Two-Head Famous Monsters cover. It glows in the dark and you need to assemble it, like the Japanese kits it's homaging, but don't worry... there's no painting or gluing or anything. Just snap the pieces into place. This thing is bigger than you expect it to be and looks really damn cool, especially for older Monster Kids. $200.00.

Uh-oh! What's that sound? Is it the tingling of Santa's sleigh bells? Close, it's another sneaky AICN Gift Guide Contest! Justin is a big reader of the Guide since his pre-Mondo days and he insisted that one of you guys or gals get one of these sweet vinyl figures for free! If you want a shot at winning this all you have to is email me at this address with the subject line FOR FORRY! In the body of the email I need you to include your full name and shipping address (should you win) and tell me your favorite Famous Monster.

I'll pick one of these emails between right this very second and 11:59pm CST Sunday the 27th. The contest is open to anybody in the world! Good luck everybody!



If you love Doctor Who but hate trying to track down toys of all the different Doctors over the years, then this deal is for you! It's a big box set of all 12 Doctors (plus the War Doctor, played by John Hurt). A bargain at $149.99.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Neca's got a big 18” version of Deadpool on the way! Super articulated, lots of guns and swords and knives, but no Bea Arthur Fan Club Card. Sad. $92.99.



Quarter Scale (around 19” tall) Batfleck toy from Batman v Superman. I have zero problem with Affleck as the character or with the way the character looks. I adore this bulky brute version of the Bat and think this looks cool as hell. Plus, as Amazon's description says, it's “100% Toy” which is a relief because I thought for a second it was 75% toy and 25% actual Ben Affleck. Ewww... $96.12.



Square Enix Play Arts Kai Captain America Variant. Whooo... try saying that five times fast. In short it's a super articulated anime version of Cap imported from Japan. $105.01.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! We had a cool Neca Nightmare on Elm Street 3 figure earlier in the guide and now here's a Quarter Scale (18” tall) Freddy from Nightmare 2. I'm not a huge fan of that movie, but I always thought Freddy looked particularly creepy and sinister in this one. $99.99.



PRE-ORDER, Q2 2017! Gentle Giant do these crazy embiggened carded figures and Greedo's their next one up. You'll be waiting a little while to get him, but it's a good idea to pre-order if you want him as these Jumbo Figures tend to be popular. $79.99.



PRE-ORDER, December 2016! Don't pull your hair out hunting through your neighborhood Target and Wal-Mart trying to collect all the new Black Series figures! Order a case with the complete set instead! You get 6 figures, including Leia, AT AT Driver, Obi-Wan, Episode V Snowtrooper, Darth Revan and Sabine Wren! $134.99.



PRE-ORDER, May 2017! If you thought that Samurai Darth Vader was cool, check out this Stormtrooper they have coming up. ArcherTrooper! Hope he has a ton of arrows because if these guys can't shoot Rebels with a blaster then they're going to be blowing through their quivers real quick. $85.99.



Krennic's Shuttle Lego Set from Rogue One is cool for a few reasons, but mostly because you get a Ben Mendelsohn mini-fig with it. Didn't think that day would come, did you? $83.99.



PRE-ORDER, Q2 2017! A Shoretrooper looks to be the primary protector of the planet Scarif, which is where the Death Star is primarily being built if I'm reading the internet right. This Shoretrooper bust is being put out by Gentle Giant and will stand about 6.5 inches tall. $120.00.



PRE-ORDER, Q2 2017! Gentle Giant also has a head to toe Deathtrooper statue. Usually the pre-order would cost you $159.00, but it's on sale this weekend for $119.00, which makes it cheaper than the (smaller) Shoretrooper bust right now.



Kyber sabers are like those ForceFX ones except for two big differences: the color can be changed and you can actually fight with these without it breaking the light inside. The blades are described as “virtually indestructible” and come with a lifetime guarantee if that ends up being bullshit. Not only all that, but they're currently discounted for Black Friday Weekend at $159.20 (regularly $199).



Evil Spock! Evil Spock! From the famous Mirror, Mirror episode. He's been a toy before, but Thinkgeek went all out with this one: cool sculpt, tons of variation hands/props, 28 points of articulation, insanely real evil goatee. The works! $79.99.



I'm disappointed in myself for not owning this Sixth Scale Temple of Doom Indiana Jones figure. I've failed Kali. I am not a true believer! But learn from my mistakes, people! Scoop Doctah Jones up before you suffer my fate! $229.99.



I think I've put this one in the Guide before, but Browncoats have been underserved this Guide, so here's a little red meat for 'em. Limited to 1000 pieces, Sixth Scale Captain Mal and he's on sale for $150.99.



I really dig Krampus and I don't think I'm alone. The glorious folks at Weta made some Krampus collectibles and some of them are on sale this weekend. The one that caught my eye was the Cherub creature. That icky, fucked up Cherub creature. It's currently on sale for $135.11.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Since we're talking about Weta, they also have a Sixth Scale set of King Llane's armor from Warcraft. The armorers at Weta are second to none and you can see the insane level of detail already even in just this low res internet shot. $149.00.



PRE-ORDER, March 25th! Friends (starring Jennifer Aniston)! Romans (Polanskis or otherwise)! Countrymen! Lend me your ears! Not literally. Ew... This Caesar Deadpool bust is so ridiculously perfect for his character. Looks to stand about 10” tall and is limited in quantity, so order, like, 5 of them. $80.00.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Yay, we're at the Hot Toys section! And we're starting off with a bang! Glowering, intense-eyed Luke Skywalker from the final frames of The Force Awakens. He's got a robot hand and no lightsaber (sad) and the sculpt is once again outstanding. Good going Hot Toys! $229.99.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Hot Toys also has an Empire Strikes Back era Yoda coming very soon. He comes with a Dabobah base that has floating rocks! I mean, you put them on a clear plastic stick, but they look like they're floating and that's awesome! $199.99.



You can get the only thing pro-Prequel and anti-Prequel Star Wars fans can agree is awesome: Darth Maul! Sixth Scale Hot Toys figure! $239.99.



PRE-ORDER, July 2017! Great Scott! It's BTTF II Doc Brown (post skin peel!). Damn, this thing is a work of beauty, isn't it? $249.99.



PRE-ORDER, July 2017! I think the BTTF 1 Marty Hot Toys did looked better, but that might just because I see it every day on his shelf next to Snake Plissken. Still, having BTTF 2 Marty is a neat addition, especially with Doc coming out around the same time. You can always pretend he's Marty's kid, too! Comes with a ton of accessories, including the hoverboard, the Nike canister, the USA Today newspaper and the Sports Almanac. $234.99.



It's cool that Stan Lee cameos in all the Marvel movies, but what if he could cameo in your living room every day? Well, that can be a reality with this incredible Hot Toys Stan Lee figure! Nuff said! $200.48.



PRE-ORDER, July 2017! How cool would it be if there was some kind of animatronic component to this and the Cloak of Levitation would bat at you when you walked by or tried to grab onto Strange if you took it off him? Then it'd cost considerably more than the going rate of $234.99.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Yay! Ripley with her makeshift Flamethrower (and asshole cat)! Hot Toys nailed the sculpt yet again. That's definitely young Sigourney Weaver through and through. $229.99.



PRE-ORDER, April 2017! This isn't Hot Toys, but another company called Threezero. They decided to make a Sixth Scale Michael Myers and oddly chose the Halloween 6 look. I'll let them get away with that if that means I get a Sixth Scale Tom Atkins screaming into a telephone from Halloween III. $150.00.



Is it just me or does Samwise look like he's holding in a juicy fart? And Frodo looks a little like... Stund Double Frodo than Elijah Wood Frodo. Still, this Sixth Scale set of two Hobbitses is a pretty good value for your money. Tons of accessories, great costume detail... I just think the face sculpts leave a little to be desired. $239.99.



PRE-ORDER, December 2016! The same company did this Christophe Lee Saruman and he's much better. I've been hankering to revisit the LOTR Trilogy. Might just go ahead and binge 'em after I finally finish this blasted Guide. $129.99.



PRE-ORDER, January-February 2017! Oh my God, Scars of Dracula Christopher Lee! Click through and look at the close up pictures. They even got his red eyes right! $229.99.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Threezero did another horror icon, but from a later movie. Hellraiser III Pinhead looks pretty much the same, so no big deal. Still pretty cool it's an option to put that evil fucker in your house. $199.99.



PRE-ORDER, December 2017! He's the Ghost with the Most! Sixth Scale Beetlejuice by Sideshow and he looks great! You can even get a base for him, which I feature next, but check this guy out! The clothes are perfect, the detail on the hands is insane and it actually looks like Michael Keaton in makeup as Beetlejuice! $239.99.



PRE-ORDER, December 2017! You can buy that big tombstone piece to go along with the Beetlejuice figure. If you buy them both together Sideshow'll knock off $25 for being so foreward thinking about having an awesome display. $124.99.



PRE-ORDER, January-February 2017! An Evil Dead 2 Sixth Scale Ash! This marks the 379,381st Ash Williams toy or statue made, but it's one of the better ones. $239.99.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! I haven't seen one episode of Sons of Anarchy, but I know it's cool that there's a Ron Perlman Sixth Scale figure that exists out in this world without putting him under heavy makeup. $190.00.



PRE-ORDER, April 2017! I have seen more than one episode of Game of Thrones, so I can say it's cool they gave The Hound his own Sixth Scale figure! This tough sumbitch looks appropriately badass in these pics, no? $195.00.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Listen, I know Azkaban is the best Potter movie and having a figure of Hermione in the outfit she was in when she decked Malfoy for being a dickhead is appealing, just make sure you're thinking through having a posable sixth scale 13 year old girl in your house and how that might look to the outside world. $239.99.



PRE-ORDER, January-February 2017! Having a Sixth Scale Marilyn Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is pretty neat. This is one I feel married couples could enjoy together. Monroe's one of those icons that is appreciated pretty equally by both geeky guys and gals. $199.99.



PRE-ORDER, July 2017! I'm 90% sure Hot Toys somehow cloned Margot Robbie and shrunk her down for this figure. I mean, look at the face above. That's a toy. Is there nothing these wizards can't do? $249.99.



PRE-ORDER, July 2017! I put Harley in, I gotta be fair and include Joker. If I didn't I'm sure I'd get some crappy email from a DC fan lamabasting me for ignoring Jared Leto. So, here he is. Damaged Joker. Yep, right here. $249.99.



PRE-ORDER, March 2017! This is more like it! Caesar Romero, bright colors, no tattoos. This Joker's got everything, including a clearly painted over mustache. God love that dude. This is a sixth scale maquette. $249.99.



Oh my goodness! An Egghead Maquette! Campy Vincent Price in all his glory! Holy shit, you guys! Holy shit! $249.99.

For The Super Rich Only ($250.00 & Up)



PRE-ORDER, Q2 2017! Mondo's starting to make statues of some of their more famous posters which I think is a killer idea and they're coming out strong with this Batman Red Rain Statue based on work by Francesco Francavilla. This thin is over 15 inches tall! $250.00.



Sideshow's Premium Format line continues strong with a couple pieces from the Arkham Batman games. This version of the Joker is particularly strong! He's almost 25” tall and weights 23 pounds! Hope you got a heavy shelf (and a thick wallet)! $449.99.



The Batman from the Arkham games stands just a little taller than Joker, but weighs in at an impressive 40 pounds! Both of these pieces were made to complete a scene if you had the two of them standing side by side, but can also stand alone if you're like me and haven't won the lottery recently. $469.99.



PRE-ORDER, March 2017! Here's Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight on a fiery base. He does just want to watch the world burn, after all. The dude was perfect in the role and this piece does his memory justice. It conveys the tone of his character just about perfectly. $499.99.



PRE-ORDER, March 2017! This another flat out incredible piece of art. They just shrunk down Adam West. They made him get into his old Batman tights and hit him with a shrink ray. That's the only way to explain this incredible '60s Batman Premium Format Statue. $450.00.



Aquaman's Premium Format statue is cool, too. It's especially cool because you can swap out his head for long-haired bearded Aquaman and replace his left hand with a hook. Yay for angry, one-armed Aquaman! $429.99.



Giant, no messin' around Sabertooth! Low stock, so get buyin' if you can't live without this beauty! $479.99.



You can't have Sabertooth without Wolverine. This big sucker is the companion piece to the one above, like the Arkham Joker and Bats. You don't need both, but it looks even more impressive you do have 'em next to each other. $479.99.



PRE-ORDER, February 2017! Or you can just get this giant two-for-one statue capturing the first appearance of Wolverine in polystone. I especially dig the original mask head you can attach. This one's crazy detailed, too. Click through and check out random details like how rough Hulk's feet are. It better be ridiculously detailed if it's going to cost $649.99.



PRE-ORDER, February 2017! Here we have good ol' Bucky in his Winter Soldier mode/persona, shiny arm and all! Quarter scale Sebastian Stan! The whole thing stands over 2 feet tall! $599.99.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Quarter Scale Tony Stark from Iron Man 3! These guys won't stop it with the incredible face sculpts, will they? $544.99.



PRE-ORDER, October-December 2017. This is a loooooong way away pre-order. So long that it's possible it'll be in the next Holiday Gift Guide. But this Iron Giant Maquette is just stunning looking in these photos. Limited to only 250 pieces and the Exclusive Sideshow bonus is a magnetic S that sticks to his chest. Superman... tear... $699.99.



PRE-ORDER, July 2017! From one robot to another. One chose to not to be a gun, the other... well, didn't disobey its programming. This is the Terminator endoskeleton as seen in The Terminator. This T-800 Maquette is limited only to 300 pieces worldwide.$599.99.



PRE-ORDER, Q1 2017! There's a regular Sixth Scale T-60 Power Armor version, but this variant is the one I like the most. It has the Atom Cat's paint job on it plus a Fatman with a mini nuke. And yes, the helmet lights up. Gah, why don't I have all the money?!? $398.00.



PRE-ORDER, October 2017. Rob Bottin's Howling werewolf is one of the best werewolf designs ever. He nailed the animalistic side so well in both the main werewolves and the tricksy cuter one at the end. Here PCS decided to go all out. 26” tall. $474.99 ($403.74 if you pay in full, not in installments).



PRE-ORDER, March 2017! A Nosferatu statue! In Black and White no less!! Damn, this looks so good!$380.00.



PRE-ORDER, August 2017! I know this is a pretty far in advance pre-order, but it's a giant Leatherface! Bloody apron, swinging chainsaw pose and all! Perfect centerpiece for your bone-furniture and human-skin lamp room! $499.99.



PRE-ORDER, March 2017! Laurel and Hardy from Honolulu Baby. Not as scary in Black and White Mr. Nosferatu up there, but just as awesome that this exists, no? $320.00.



High roller Lego collectors are in a whole different league of collecting than I am. I mean, I look at this Disney Park Cinerella's Castle set and really want to crack the box and put it together, but I could never justify the price. I mean, for the price of making a Lego version of this iconic theme park castle you could buy a plane ticket to Orlando and see it for yourself! But Godspeed to those who shell out for this set. I bet you feel like you just built the Great Wall of China when you finish. $479.99.



PRE-ORDER, April 2017! Walter and Jesse back together again, doing what they do best: cooking! $320.00.



PRE-ORDER, February-March 2017! Snowspeeder Luke! Hot Toys has yet another Star Wars geek must-own coming out. Thank God I don't have any money or I'd go broke! $269.99.



Hot Toys has done a Boba Fett before, but they've done up a new version that has a Sarlacc diorama. Is this the Bounty Hunter's final moments recreated a lot more heroically than they were shown in Jedi or is this his triumphant escape from the belly of the beast? You're the one spending the money, you decide! $259.99.



PRE-ORDER, April 2017! Sideshow's Sixth Scale IG-88. We're in trouble, you guys. They've figured out we like all the bounty hunters, not just Boba Fett. God help us all when Dengar gets his sixth scale figure... $215.00.



Rey and BB-8's Hot Toys set was on pre-order last year. This year you can literally buy them with on click and they'll be on their merry way to you. Really top notch work here, but what else is new? $242.84.



PRE-ORDER, December 2016! Damn, this Premium Format Kylo Ren is striking and another biggie, topping out at 20” tall. $569.99.



PRE-ORDER, April 2017! Kylo's not the only First Order loyalist to get his own Premium Format Sideshow Statue. He'll have backup, or at least lackeys he can intimidate with his constant temper tantrums. $499.99.



Shiny! C-3PO is ready to assist you in your daily needs, especially if you need help with etiquette or protocol. $399.99.



PRE-ORDER, March 2017! I'm a sucker for any McQuarrie-inspired pieces, let alone fully realized statues of the artist's early passes at Vader. This 22”+ statue is very much the Vader represented in the earliest Ralph McQuarrie concept art. Thin face, blue highlights and lightsaber. Very, very cool. $474.99.



Almost as cool as this 1:1 bust of Vader. That's right, this is life-size, sucka! If you get lonely you can talk to him like a friend. Just like Kylo, except you don't have a busted ass melted Vader face to confer with. You got the real deal! Eat that, Benjamin! $999.99.


This is the final section of the guide featuring a few things I pulled during my long nights of researching that were stupid expensive, didn't have a good spot anywhere else in the Guide or just felt like the right note to end on.



This is the very first floating comic-con. It departs from Tampa January 19th with a ton of the cast of The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stranger Things and a decent amount of DC and Marvel's roster on board. And maybe yours truly. I'm working out the details now, but it's looking good that I'll be onboard as well, possibly lending a hand with panel moderation or Q&As. Because the geeky cruise (yes, Cosplay is way encouraged) is in its first year they're offering some pretty darn good rates. Make sure to click the pic above for more info. Getting a cabin on the ship starts at $399.99 per person.



This is a fully working, operational and wearable recreation of one of the Daft Punk helmets. The lights react the same as the real group's does. This is silly, but it made me smile. This wonderful piece of craftsmanship will run you a meager$4,000.00.



I probably should have put this original Ghostbusters proton pack replica in the Apparel or Collectibles section, but I like including it here because a theme of 1:1 size Rich Stuff was emerging and this fits it to a tee. Got your stick? Heat 'em up! Make 'em hard! Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown! If I had this thing I'd look like they did in this moment... in my mind. In real life it'd be closer to how it looked when Emma Stone and Bill Murray were playing Ghostbusters in Zombieland, but about a tenth as cool. $600.00.



PRE-ORDER, January 2017! Four hundred bucks more expensive than Darth Vader's 1:1 Bust, this here is Mr. Walter White, alias Heisenberg (Goddamn right)... in 1:1 scale. Look into his eyes and you tell me if you don't hear an echo of “I'm the one knocks” rattling around in the back of your mind. $1399.99.



PRE-ORDER, July 2017! This one just creeps me out. It's a slightly smaller Gal Gadot, a half size Wonder Woman. I got pre-occupied trying to think of the person who would buy this and put that in his/or house. It looks too life-like which makes it instantly super creepy that you'd want a scantily clad, almost Real Doll version, of Gal Gadot in your house. Still, it intrigued me to include it down here. $2,099.99.



PRE-ORDER, May 2017! A life-sized, rolling moving R2-D2 is less creepy to me. Probably because he's a robot and he's super chill. Sideshow claims this is the most screen-accurate R2-D2 ever made. He has remote-controlled lights and sounds. He better be able to rolls outside and retrieve my mail for me! $7,450.00.



This. This is the reason for the Rich Stuff section of the Guide to exist. There's a man in Japan who made his own Godzilla. It's not life-sized to Godzilla, but it's 1:1 to the guy who wore the original suit. And it looks s damn detailed you'd almost think it was a BTS picture from one of the early films! And it's for sale for the low, low price of $39,967 USD + shipping from Japan.

Well, that wraps up the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. I apologize for any and all spelling and grammar errors. As usual I was kind of flying the seat of my pants trying to get this sucker finished in a timely manner. I'm sure I left a shrapnel-littered battlefield of misspellings, unfinished thoughts and truly lame jokes.

But thank you guys for reading through it all anyway! I hope you found some ideas for your friends, family and you yourself while scanning these three installments. Until next year, squirts!



-Eric Vespe
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