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DUNE which has defeated many, will become a LEGENDARY adaptation!

Hey folks, Harry here...  DUNE.   LEGENDARY got DUNE.  Not only did they secure film rights, but television rights as well.  DUNE, if done right would be a marvel for the ages.  If done wrong, it's still worth checking out.   It's a story of that kinda of scale.   A project to throw infinite passion and vision towards - and most of the time, it'll fall apart and become nothing that anyone will ever see.    DUNE is always in development.   Someone is always dicking with Frank Herbert's masterworks - and there's a mess of those books.  They will expand your mind and make you an infinitely more interesting human.   Like most great Science Fiction.

Now Thomas Tull and Mary Parent are going to tag team this behemoth as producers.  Personally, I was introduced to the world through David Lynch's film, which I lost my fool kid mind over.   Then Dad, as Dad does, handed me the books - and I agreed that with all great works of literature, the films don't do the books justice.  But damn if I don't want them to keep trying to get closer to that vision I had when I read the books.   Probably like you.  I know many of you know the title from the DUNE mini-series on SCI FI CHANNEL or the sequel mini-series CHILDREN OF DUNE.  

I always wanted Francis Ford Coppola to direct DUNE.  To me, the story deserves a maturity.  I don't want an action adventure DUNE, I want a BEST PICTURE winning DUNE.   That undeniably fucking awesome work of science fiction that gets recognized as a BEST PICTURE WINNER. That's the potential in DUNE.  Absolutely after that it can spawn Television, Themeparks and eventual planetary destinations for our far flung descendents.   

Who knows the plan they have, but I hope they do a moonshot attempt at nailing it this time and commit to it.  It's time to get DUNE on the money for all the marbles.   Dream big with it!  Make it the Best Picture!



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