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George Clooney... Bruce Willis... GATES OF FIRE

Hey folks, Harry here.... GATES OF FIRE... if it ever gets made... which would be a POST-STRIKE endeavor (unless the strike is anything more than the year 2000 bug) would be an AMAZING film by Michael Mann with a script by David Self... But our friendly shoe salesman is asking me about the script as though I've read it.... WELL... ya know, my birthday is Monday... and I would love nothing more than the script for GATES OF FIRE by David Self.... That would be a nice read on a very long trip I'm about to take... Meanwhile, right now I have heard that Michael Mann is VERY excited about making this his next film after ALI, and that at that point they would begin... and the pre-production on a project of this scale, would just be enormous. As for Bruce and George? Well from what I know of the book, they are a bit older than the folks the script really details the story of.... BUT, well.... we'll see.

Dear Harry,

Al Bundy here - I posted some T3 & T4 news for you months ago - with a quote about Gates of Fire from an exclusive interview with George Clooney in this month's Empire.

In truth he doesn't say much more about the project than he told you when you met him on the set of Fail Safe:

Empire: You're involved in the project Gates of Fire, based on Steven Pressfield's novel, which Michael Mann is developing.

Clooney: Gates of Fire is an amazing story. Gladiator was my favourite film of the year, but I think Gates of Fire is a better story. Bruce Willis calls me about every two months, asking what's going on. He's dying, dying to do it.

There's quite a lot of interesting stuff regarding Clooney's pay reductions (on Three Kings, etc) which I'll post if you want. Anyway, Harry I feel as strongly about Gates of Fire as most people at this site feel about LOTR (don't get me wrong, I'm crazy for that, too), so PLEASE, if you could let me out of my misery, does Self's script keep the role of Diomache (Xeo's female cousin and love interest) and Dekton/Rooster the helot intact or have liberties been taken - or better yet do you know if the script has been posted online, as I have been unable to find it.

Thanks again for the great site,



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