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THE GREAT WALL unveils Matt Damon's astonishing archery skills in Zhang Yimou's epic fantasy!

Hey folks, Harry here...   The first trailer for THE GREAT WALL had some folks up in arms, but as I said at the time, this film is set in a fantastical version of the China that Europeans encountered.   In this trailer, Damon is playing a character, that like in Netflix's amazing MARCO POLO series is a European would-be trader accused of treason, but is caught up in something more compelling than just mere trade routes...  a war against man & women eatting monsters apparently on the otherside of the GREAT WALL...  In addition, and not surprising at all, Zhang Yimou's film is having that heightened stylized martial arts weaponry use of it's Chinese characters, but what I find fascinating is that Matt Damon's character is also exhibiting...   GREEN ARROW / ROBIN HOOD super archery skills.   This just looks like massive fun.  A Historical Fantasy by Zhang Yimou?   I'm there with bells on.



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