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The full trailer for PASSENGERS hits and it's gorgeous!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm going to go on record now and predict Passengers is going to make close to eleventy trillion bazillion megamillion dollars. There are precious few genuine movie stars to rise up in the last 5 years and two of them are front and center in this movie that seems to check off every box of audience interest. Big spectacle? Check. A little creepy sci-fi thriller element? Check. A sweet, but steamy romance between two of the most good looking people in the world? Check. A ticking clock counting down to some huge disaster that combines everything audiences loved about Titanic and Gravity? Check and check.

This is precisely the kind of original story people like and Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are absolutely perfect for this thing.

The movie comes out in a little over 2 months and you can tell from the trailer it's going to look spectacular. You might also tell from the trailer a whole lot of second and third act twists, so if you're already sold on this movie you might want to skip it. I certainly wish I didn't know some of the things I glimpse in this trailer.

If you have no will power, like me, then the trailer is available for your viewing pleasure right here:



Yep, eleventy trillion bazillion megamillion dollars. You heard it here first, squirts!

-Eric Vespe
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