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Butt-Numb-A-Thon 18 aka BNATPSYCHO 18+ Application... wanna ticket to ride?


Hey folks, Harry here…   Once again it is that time again, time to create the application to attend BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 18…  aka BNATPSYCHO 18+.   Sure, this is a full month ahead of schedule, but it’s also Fay Wray’s Birthday today, who starred in 3 BNAT shown films thus far - KING KONG, THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME and VIVA VILLA!   So starting on her Birthday only feels more right than ever.   Also - traditionally the Oct 15th - Oct 31st puts a squeeze on people in the midst of the Halloween season when… there’s really no reason not to give people the opportunity to get their applications in over a 6 week period, rather than 2.   Lastly, getting a head start feels like giving me more time to go through, sort and make sure everything goes extra smooth.  Now to get into some explanations for those that haven’t a clue what we’re talking about here.

It is the the 18.5th 24+ hour film event that I, Harry Knowles, have thrown in conjunction with the magical wizards at the Alamo Drafthouse, including the fabled Knight of Cinema, Tim League and the Valkyrie of Fantastic Fest Kristen Bell.   
Ok, so there’s movies, what’s playing…  Only myself and Kristen will know, and neither of us know yet.  Programming is in the very early stages, discussions on some very cool fronts are progressing and every year, this notice serves to really kickstart things in the right direction…  Ok - so History Lesson time…
Those two links should give you an idea of what sort of thing you’ll be in store for. That essentially covers the nuts & bolts of the event, but not the experience.  I’ve been running AINT IT COOL NEWS for 20 years, but beyond that… for my birthday for pretty much my entire childhood - I’d have sleepover birthday parties where we’d show films in 16mm on a small screen hanging from the ceiling, Dad operating the projector - In those days, I had little hand in the programming, but FatherGeek would just keep the films going and us kids loved it, hopped up on sugar and just being open to the wonders that would unfurl before us.
When Tim League asked me to curate a film marathon event 18 years ago, I knew exactly what to do.  Bring our 16mm film prints to the Drafthouse and just do what I used to do as a kid…  and the monies from the event would go to sponsor what has become the longest running film series in Austin, the SATURDAY MORNING KIDS CLUB - in honor of the same named film club for kids that helped turn me into the movie maniac I am.   As the programming began, some fascinating opportunities arose.  Paul Thomas Anderson contacted me to see if I wanted to play MAGNOLIA…   then whilst visiting THE HOLLOW MAN set, I publicist mentioned there was a film that could use my help called PITCH BLACK…  He helped set up a screening for Moriarty and I - and next thing we know, I had it for BNAT too.  And Vin Diesel even showed up.   It was crazy.
But for me, it’s great to have premieres and creatives come and present their latest cinematic awesome…  but the real challenge is to find the deep tracks of cinema that are often times looked over.  To throw before an audience that lives and breathes film.  This doesn’t mean you have to be an EXPERT in film to attend…  You just need to be someone that loves film in all its genres, budgets and freaky what the fuck am I watching… sense of wonder.   
Film began pretty much with pointing a camera at something moving and charging in a tent to see it.  We’re 125 years since Thomas Edison held that first public presentation of the Kinetoscope for the National Federation of Women’s Clubs…   and the awe and wonder has been incredible.   BNAT, at its core is me trying to put together a show that feels like a continual state of discovery.   To remind us how far we’ve come and the innocence we lost.   It’s about a celebration of not just what is on screen, but how we, the audience, can generate across our political, religious and racial differences to just LOVE FILM.
It sounds simple.  But as I do with everything in life, I over-complicate things, over-explain…  but once the show gets started, I’m probably a bit more concise and focused as possible, because for me…  BNAT is about what gets on screen and wondrous folks watching.
There’s under 200 seats for this event.  A single row of seats are set aside for Tim and his awesome team of badasses.  Then the rest of the seats are mine to assign.   I’ve chosen to creating this Application process to choose the attendees.  About 50%-60% tend to be people that have attended a previous BNAT, the rest tend to be first timers.   The mixture creates an audience that cares about itself.  You won’t have fights, you may be hugged more than you ever have before.  And when it is over, you may look into moving to Austin.  It tends to happen.    And frankly, there is a part of me that does this event to keep showing off this city and the Alamo Drafthouse that I love with every fiber of my being…  and that’s a lot as everyone in Talkback will attest…   
Saturday - December 10th, 2016 - Sunday - December 11th, 2016  —  That said, we usually have a bit of a get together Friday evening and earlier in the day is a bag stuffing event that occurs - and sometimes, I get overflow programming that can’t fit in the 24 hours, so there could be screenings taking place leading up and coming down from the event.   
12:01am (Midnight & a minute) into the morning of November 1st.   I will endeavor to notify those chosen as quickly as possible. A day or two or three thereafter.  
At the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE on SOUTH LAMAR - the same fabled center of cinema for the forthcoming FANTASTIC FEST.   That all happens to be situated here in Austin, Texas.  
You send it to HK at AintItCool.Com  with the subject line: “The Good Guys Always Win, Even at the 18th BNAT” - just what is in the quotes - and exactly as you see it there.  That subject line will filter your application into the correct folder, otherwise, it may forever be lost to the unquenchable thirst of the Matmos.  
Also - when filling out the application - Copy the question & it’s number and then put that number beside your answer beneath the question.   
Do not create a separate document…  Keep it simple in the body of your email.   Attach the images there and whatever links you may include. 
The BONUSES are exactly that, Bonuses.  They’re fun meant to be had by you and for this event.  HOWEVER, if it falls outside your ability…  you get points for trying, but have fun expressing yourself.  
BNAT is a blast if you attend all on your own, cuz even if you’re not in a group, that will not be the case by the end.  You will meet lifelong cinemaniac friends.  Guaranteed.   The group you submit with can be as large as you like, but do know that I pick new large groups very rarely - and the existing large groups bust their asses each year and are difficult to unseat.   But YOU CAN DO IT!   Just know that all members of your group must fill out the application completely.   Groups are judged by their weakest link.   DO NOT BE THE WEAK LINK!
Never disqualify yourself.  BNAT has attendees from around this planet of ours.  Nations may recognize borders, I do not.  If you can physically get to Butt-Numb-A-Thon - you can attend - if you are chosen and purchase your ticket.   If you are under the age of 18 and I pick you - I will need to have a discussion with your Parent/Guardian to make sure they understand that this event will warp you for the better, for the rest of your life.   
The ticket price gets determined by the Alamo Drafthouse after gathering intel on the cost for the various hijinks and films that will be playing.  We try our best to keep things around $100, but you will be getting a BNAT poster by the fabled artist Jeff Delgado, an event T-shirt, a bag of somewhat killer goodies and over 24 hours of movies including some VERY EARLY and others you’re likely to see nowhere again.   Plus as many glorious 35mm prints as possible!
Now…   Behold  
1)  Your Full Name & the Full Names of those you’re submitting with…
2) What is your email address and Social Media handles
3) T-shirts - how do you like yours…  SIZE / CUT
4) Never before has the apocalypse felt so clear, but that’s ok, as a film geek, you’ve had infinite conversations about your various plans to survive.  I’m not asking you to survive, I’m asking you to mentally thrive.  The next several questions will hone your character.   But let’s start with your APOCALYPSE NAME…  mine is LORD HUMUNGUSER - what’s yours?
5)To Thrive in the APOCALYPSE, I feel you need a purpose.   Given my intense library of media, I’d host a thriving Post Apocalyptic Solar Powered Media Center where we could learn from the apocalyptic fantasies on film, Bluray, Books, Comics, etc.  I will feed the dreams of those in the Wastelands.  What is your Post-Apocalypse purpose in life?
6)Ok - now you need a vehicle…  Obviously my Media Center is disguised as an enormous sand dune, but what vehicle would I have - Obviously the Megaforce Flying Motorcycle.   I prefer to fire missiles from a height unattainable by standard P.A. vehicles.  BUT… How about you?  How would you get around?
7) Now, let’s say there’s a tabloid newspaper in the Apocalypse and let’s say it’s about you.  What did you do to get written up?  For me, it was burning Atlanta to the ground to avenge the KONG WALL being burnt just to simulate the burning of Atlanta in GONE WITH THE WIND.   But I hold a grudge.  What I’m asking you is to imagine your character created in question 4 - to put in a headline with a  no more than 200 word exploitive tabloid apocalypse scandal sheet paragraph or two.  Work on a punchy headline and a snappy punchy prose-style - giggle.
8) (Photo) Obviously take a photo that would accompany the above story.   (if these work out, this could be the most fun “yearbook” we’ve had yet - only more Newsprinty!)
9)  (Patricia Question) Favorite line from BRING IT ON…  Yes, this film my wife can’t see enough - but like Windy’s XANADU, I’m not playing it.
10)  What is your ideal End of the World scenario?
11) (BONUS POINTS)   In the apocalypse, you could very well end up having to sing a song.   SO in your best Apocalypse surviving outfit smelling of fumes…  sing for your supper and record it to video under the subject line  BNATPSYCHO18 - (your Apocalypse name) !!!!  Have fun, sing in groups, it’s the apocalypse so doing this with hazy memory and bullshit made up lyrics are totally acceptable.   Just think, NEGAN has a barbed wire baseball bat - he wants a song.   Any lil ditty’ll do.  Shanty’s are welcome.  What ever you feel like.  Just remember, this could be your last meal.  Giggle.
12)  Convince me we’re not on the edge of the Apocalypse.  Why are we at the precipice of awesome?
13)  On Question #12 - how much of that do you believe?
14)  Exploitation cinema is grand, I love me some Apocalyptic mayhem, but ya know…  There’s a lot of other feels in cinema and BNAT’s about the smiles as much as it’ll explore the dark recesses of my and Tim League’s minds.   SO..  What Exploitation film is your favorite and what is it about that nasty flick that just makes you smile so?
15)  Your Top 5 picks for films that would be released after the date of BNAT18, but that you pray don’t play anyways?
16)  Your Top 5 most despised Vintage films (Pre-1980) - The films from yesteryear that just piss you right the fuck off!
17)  Bullys are the worst.  That said…  Name your favorite onscreen bad bastards or bitches?  As many as you can.
18)  Watch THE BIG BOSS (1971) - it’s 45 years old, like me.   Watch this, its on Netflix, but watch Bruce Lee and just tell me what you see.  We’ve seen more intricate fights, but there’s something pure magic about Bruce Lee - or… is he over-rated?  Or did you just discover him?  
19)  A film you walked out of and never looked back?  Take a second look.   What’s the film, feel any different?   Try.  Maybe watch it with someone that doesn’t have that initial prejudice and perhaps, just maybe…  you’ve changed and can now embrace it.   Or are you the Rock of Gibraltar on this shit?
20)  If the apocalypse comes, there’ll be a run on sensible shit…  but what Movie Theater snack food would you go to the warehouse and defend against all bad bastages?
21)  I’ve always had a soft spot of GALAXINA and CHERRY 2000…   When I was hatching the idea for this year’s BNAT poster, the source was going to MOTORPSYCHO by Russ Meyer…  Obviously if I were riding a motorcycle it had to be the flying Megaforce cycle…  but the girl on the back…   I thought what buxom beauty from the past would I want on that bike.  For me, that was Jayne Mansfield.   168 IQ,  University of Texas gal, but she died tragically young in an auto accident that took her head.   So the notion on the poster is that I went back in time and saved Jayne Mansfield to accompany me through the living hell of the Apocalypse.   Now - you can’t name your spouse or significant other…  They died when the shit got rough.   But you would face the atomic dust clouds with what famous dead person, who would be on the back of your vehicle in the future apocalypse?  Let’s just say… them’s the rules.   
22) Happiest moment of the year thus far and why?
From Fay Wray's Birthday till the end of HALLOWEEN, but before the election you'll know if you're attending BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 18 / BNATPSYCHO 18+
Keep it cool,
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