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STAR WARS REBELS Season 3 unveils "ENTER THRAWN" featurette - Expanded U folks lose minds!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Yes, we knew he was coming...  just as Season 2 teasers teased Vader...  now that Vader has moved on to ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY...  and no doubt, he'll be around on this season of REBELS too, but ya know...  I think I'm VADER'd out.   Unless something miraculous opens up in me for ROGUE ONE.   But Grand Admiral Thrawn...   That blue skinned white suited master of Star Wars...  I can not friggin wait to see him on screen... even if it's the televised screen instead of...  dare I ever hope to see THRAWN in live action...  but watch this...  mind-numbingly cool introduction tease...  it's so great!  But that said, everytime I see Marvel turn an actor young, I dream of HEIR TO THE EMPIRE being made.  Timothy Zahn ruled me with that novel and Thrawn.   So eerie how well Lars Mikkelsen's voice works for Thrawn.   This season... I so can not wait... but must... 

Didn't that narration by Thrawn remind you of William Smith's Streinikov talking about how to capture the Wolverines in the one true RED DAWN?  Ok, maybe it was me, I watched that last night.


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