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Still More Speculation on the T-Femme on T3

Well as the rumor mill continues to spin... literally every female badass on the planet is being mentioned as being possibly associated with the T-Femme in T3. In the last two days, we've heard the WWF Chyna, that lovely Species gal, that Mystique babe and now... Variety's Michael Fleming is saying that the buzz he is hearing is set around Famke Janssen, in what would be her first major bad girl role since playing Major Onatopp in GOLDENEYE. So far, this is by far the best Actress to be mentioned in association with this role. I'm just counting down till we hear rumors about Geena Davis, Sharon Stone and Charlize Theron... hehehe... Personally... I'm still rooting for Holly Hunter to be the evil T-Femme. After RAISING ARIZONA... I can't imagine not casting her. hehehe...

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