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A new Red Band trailer for SAUSAGE PARTY makes damn sure you know this ain't a movie for kids!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I saw a rough cut of Sausage Party (with huge sections of incomplete animation/storyboards) at SXSW and frickin' loved it. Granted, I have the raunchy sense of humor of a 13 year old, so take that into account, but this totally un-PC, no-shits given vulgar movie done in the style of what we associate with family friendly fair was right up my alley.

They just had a very successful Comic-Con screening and soon it will rolling out to a theater near you... and I imagine there's going to be a whole lot of confusion and outrage from parents who aren't paying attention.

We will know this is definitely not a movie for kids, no matter that it looks like one, and to make damn sure you know it the marketing department has released another Red Band trailer.



"We're the non-perishables, motherfucker!" Yep, this movie's awesome.

-Eric Vespe
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