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Star Trek IV to bring Hemsworth and Pine together?


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. JJ Abrams dropped a little bit of a bombshell today with Access Hollywood's Scott Mantz, telling the reporter that the next Star Trek movie will be bringing together George and James T. Kirk. Chrises Pine and Hemsworth will share the stage.



This makes a ton of sense on all levels. Trek is full of time travel and alternate universes and crazy technology, so the small fact that the two men never got to meet before daddy Kirk died doesn't mean much.

Hemsworth became a movie star in his scant few minutes at the beginning of Trek '09 and he's bigger star than ever now, so getting him back into the Trek fold makes financial sense. On a story level, this iteration of Captain Kirk has a tooooooon of daddy issues. It's central to the core of his character, so having a movie that deals so directly with that is pretty good storytelling.

How they'll do it is anybody's guess, but it seems to be where the franchise is heading. Pretty neat, huh?

-Eric Vespe
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