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Folks, I must warn you... by reading the below... not only will you know what those bastards at Warner Brothers and specifically the 'tards at the WB have done to BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER... but you'll spoil both versions for yourself. HOWEVER, having seen BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER... I can tell you... this... I really and strongly despise the sort of blandizing that the WB forced upon this project. FOR the first time ever in a media other than comics... Bruce Timm and Paul Dini had nailed what was evil and wrong about the Joker. Why he was not to be emulated... why he was deranged and belonged in a Sanitarium. And gave children a story that defines heroism and villiany in a very clear and obvious way. This was never a story of grey-tones. NOW, if what happens to the Joker happens... WHY DO THEY COVER IT UP? WHY ARE THEY ASHAMED? WHAT DID BATMAN, BATGIRL and TIM DRAKE DO WRONG? The ENTIRE POINT of the story is altered. I hope to God that WARNER BROTHERS does the right thing and releases the alternate version.... If not to the general public, then through DC DIRECT to Comic Stores near us! And I have to tell you people... The following SUCKS!

Hey Harry,

Canada received BB: ROTJ a bit earlier, and I wa slucky enough to see an uncut version. After watching the edited version, it will leave a bad tase in you rmouth. WB went above and beyond with their edits, so far I'm counting close to 15 changes. Here's a list of edits & changes I have noticed so far, with more to come:

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  • Bonk is not shot, but given a lethal dose of laughing gas, and he dies off screen. Becuase of this the whole "Take the trash outside, Dee Dee" and "Are you with me?" sequence is cut.

  • The Joker is not shot, but slips in some water and is electrocuted off screen. Plus, they don't mention they buried him deep under Arkham or any of that. The dialogue is completely changed in that seqeunce.

  • Barbara says that Leslie Thompkins helped Tim Drake "regain himself" instead of "regain his sanity." (or something along those lines)

  • Also, Joker no longer slices Batman across the chest of in the leg, and any blood is digitally removed. Joker just punches Batman.

  • More than half of the "Our Family Memories" is cut out, only showing Robin tied up and struggling, and cutting the scene where Joker opens the barbeque lids, picks up the voltage tongs, and shocks the Boy.

  • Alot of dialogue is changed as well. And reference to the word "kill" is changed.

  • The opening fight seqeunce is trimmed, cutting out a second Dee-Dee kick and completely redoing that entire Batman/Dee Dee sequence.

  • The club fight is changed. The pink clown no longer punches Terry and says "I don't know why the boss wants a dreg like you outta the way, but as long as it's fun...". He just goes for his gun and says "Slag him!".

  • Bruce says "Robin defeated him." instead of "Robin did kill him".

  • Joker says "Bat-Kook" instead of "Bat-Fart".

  • Jordan Price says "Ice" instead of "kill".

  • Tim Drake says "I can still hear his scream" instead of "I can still hear the shot".

  • Joker says "...with such yutzes" instead of "...with such putzes".

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head. If y'all like I can go through it again tonight and present a more accurate and comlete list. The movie is almost completely different than the uncut. An interetsing fact, though: Everyone else's dialogue except for Harley's and Terry McGinnis's is altered somehow. But they keep in the "I'll break you in two..." line from Batman thankfully, that lin ebeing the best of the movie. Gee, it looks like they wee making more than "a couple changes".

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    Thanx alot!


    Dick Grayson

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