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George RR Martin To Stephen King:
‘How The Fuck Do You Write So Fast??’

I am – Hercules!!

Stephen King says he typically writes only three or four hours per day, cranking out about six pages per day. At that rate he can slap together a 360-page novel in about two months.

George R.R. Martin's last novel was published in 2011.  The one before that came out in 2005.

Martin got to ask King the crowd-pleasing question, “How the fuck do you write so many books so fast?” when the two literary titans found themselves on the same stage for an hour in Albuquerque (where Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut used to live).

For the record, King has written 55 novels, five works of non-fiction and more than 200 short stories. By my count Martin has authored 13 novels, six novellas and nine short-story collections.

King is almost exactly one year older than Martin, but of course no one is telling the King to hurry anything up.

The conversation the pair share is wonderful, but if you want to skip to where Martin asks The Question, fast-forward to the 50-minute mark.

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