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UNBREAKABLE is part one of a planned trilogy!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... with oh so exciting news for me and my fellow UNBREAKABLE lovers... Just as I thought... "CHAPTER ONE" of a limited edition superhero trilogy!!! YES YES YES!!! Mr Glass is not done with RAINCOAT MAN... oh no... BOX OFFICE GOD WILLING... we'll see the rest of this story. Didn't like the way this first one ended? WELL BUB, THAT AINT THE ENDING! I have faith. How about: UNBREAKABLE, BREAKABLE and BROKEN? Aaaahhhhh, he can do better than that...

Hey Harry, how's it going? Ted here and I just got back from the brilliant film that is Unbreakable. After the movie I decided to read everything I could find on the film. And I came up with this bit of news that I think you'll find very interesting...

Back on November 6 Bruce Willis did an online chat over at Yahoo to talk about Unbreakable. Here is one of the question asked:

sGreenHornet asks: So Mr. Willis do you have any other films in line with M. Night Shyamalan? (or you rather not say)

And Willis' reply...

bruce_willis_live: Unbreakable is the first part of a trilogy of films.

bruce_willis_live: I can't tell you about the others ...

bruce_willis_live: But we're supposed to do two more.

bruce_willis_live: you'll understand how it lends itself to a continuing story.

Hmmm... The Unbreakable Trilogy? It's obvious that the "first edition" was left wide open for a sequel, but I don't know... too many things could go wrong if this is true. Then again, we could be witnessing the beginning of one of the most brilliant trilogies of all time. Just imagine the "revelation" at the end of the third film...

The highly informative chat is available in it's entirety at: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CHAT IN ITS COMPLETE GLORY!

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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