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New International GHOSTBUSTERS Trailer tells us... Ghosts Are Real!!! Is the film in the 70's?

Hey folks, Harry here...  Love hearing Dan Akyroyd loves the new GHOSTBUSTERS, Dan once recommended this Crystal Skull Vodka, that was smooth and got me wasted nicely, hoping this film is at least half that good, but so far, Dan's doing good in the recommendation area.   This is the second INTERNATIONAL TRAILER that I've seen for the new Paul Feig directed GHOSTBUSTERS.  At this point I just need to see the movie and hopefully have people judging the film on what it actually is as opposed to some abstract childhood threat.  I don't know about you, but my Ghostbusters childhood memories are quite secure.  I had the GHOSTBUSTERS sticker in my Sony Cassette Walkman as I pounded the GHOSTBUSTER Soundtrack as I rode around the ranch via both Moped and Horseback... poor horse (beat ya to it).  Besides, I can't wait to see how the original cast are used... they've yet to appear in anything we've seen yet.   



Now you notice this shot here?

If you look - you'll see billboards for TAXI DRIVER (1976), ISLE OF THE SNAKE PEOPLE (1968)  and TOMMY (1975) - and there are our heroes in a Seventies Time Square...   I'm really curious what the heck is going on with this movie, but this shot has me very intrigued.  


I ain't fraid of no Ghostbusters!


Keep it cool,



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