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John Williams speaks about Star Wars Episode VIII!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. We will see a day when John Williams doesn't score a Star Wars movie (defined here as one of the Episodes since if you count the Clone Wars film WB released or the Ewok TV movies that day has already come). That is a depressing thought, but every time it creeps into my head I just look back at the 7 amazing scores he gave us already and feel contented.

But I'm a geek, so I'll never truly be contented. That brings us to Rian Johnson's Episode VIII, currently filming in Ireland.

Will John Williams score this new movie? The answer's still unknown, but John Williams did speak about the possibility recently and Indie Revolver passed along the news.

Williams did a performance of Star Wars cues with the Boston Pops and spoke to the audience during the night. In regards to Episode VIII he said that Kathleen Kennedy asked him to come back, but he said he wasn't sure if he was up to it. The man is in his mid-80s afterall.

But. He's also very protective of Star Wars and Rey in particular. He said he doesn't want to see anyone else writing music for Rey.

The decision is still up in the air, but if I were a betting man, I'd wager that Williams, barring ill health, buckles down and scores Episode VIII. From the bits I've heard about him over the years and the feeling I get reading his words on the new trilogy I think his overall feeling of ownership on this franchise will win out.

I, for one, would love for him to finish out this trilogy, but eventually he'll retire and then who do we go to? Alexandre Desplat is doing Rogue One. I'm sure Michael Giacchino will end up doing a Star Wars score at some point. Maybe the way to go is a different person for each film?

What are your thoughts?

-Eric Vespe
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