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Take a look at the Subtext of Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with an oddity for AICN, a look at a fascinating presentation from "Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn" wherein presenter Mike Hill dissects the first JURASSIC PARK and digs past the wonderment of it's computer generated dinosaur beauties, looking a little deeper at the foundation of why those CG dinosaurs seem to hit home with so many of us. As the film is my favorite, and lit the match to my passion in cinema, I've intentionally stayed away from posting any news/scoops/etc... on the first JURASSIC WORLD and will continue to do so with the next film - because let's be honest, hearing "Holy hell this looks amazing!" from a guy called "Muldoon" with a JURASSIC PARK inspired dinosaur graphic on every AICN article he writes might not be the most unbiased fella. That said, this presentation just popped up on my radar and I found in utterly fascinating. Whether you see the presentation and agree/disagree with Hill's assumptions, one thing is for sure - this is quite possibly one of the best breakdowns of the structure of JURASSIC PARK out there. I had to share for the JURASSIC fans in the AICN audience. If you consider yourself a JURASSIC PARK fan of any level, this is a "must see."


Spielberg's Subtext - Mike Hill from Trojan Horse was a Unicorn on Vimeo.

Trojan Horse was a unicorn is a prestige event for Producers, Animators, Game Developers, Concept Artists, All Around 3D generalists, Vfx people and all CG professionals and curious folk out there.

Trojan Horse was a unicorn will bring together 500 professionals & students from around the world. Coupled with a set of world renowned artists in their fields, Trojan Horse was a unicorn is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe, attracting attendees from dozens of different countries.

- Mike McCutchen


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