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New SUICIDE SQUAD footage from MTV Movie Awards!!! Now with full trailer!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with the full on trailer embed from YouTube - SUICIDE SQUAD is looking truly tremendous here.   See & Agree!






Hey folks, Harry here with the SUICIDE SQUAD footage that played during the MTV MOVIE AWARDS...   Still haven't got a sense of the scope of the film, what their mission is or the command structure of the team, but boy I love Harley Quinn...   and Killer Croc looks very interesting, there's a spooky looking shot of the ENCHANTRESS in here that I dig...   The shot of BATMAN leaping off of a building looks fun - and I'm hearing he's in this film quite a bit more than we're expecting, so that's fantastic to me, as Affleck was the best thing about BATMAN V SUPERMAN for me, at least.    Now - here ya go...


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