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Ben Affleck has already written the solo Batman movie!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Hot off the momentum of Batman v Superman earning all the money comes the news (via an interview with Ben Affleck's agents at THR) that the solo Batman film script has already been turned in... and it was written by Affleck.

This means we could potentially see this film go into development right after Justice League wraps, which is a whole helluva lot of time in the cape and cowl for Affleck.

As someone who was very mixed on BvS, I find this to be pretty good news. I don't know if Affleck is still up for directing the solo Batman flick, but I do know that his Batman was pretty great and I'd love to see a whole slew of Batfleck and Ironsfred movies. Okay, Ironsfred doesn't have the same ring to it that Batfleck does, but I'm gonna try to make it a thing anyway.

I think Snyder is taking a lot of crap for the failures of BvS and while I think that's part of a director's job description I can't fully place the story and character shortcomings blame on him. I'm an optimistic sort and really hope his Justice League is awesome, but truth be told I'm most excited for whatever this Affleck-written solo Batman adventure is.


-Eric Vespe
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