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Mark Protosevich is writing FLASH GORDON for Matthew Vaughn!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with some really terrific news.  One of my favorite screenwriters working in Hollywood these days is Mark Protosevich.  In the months prior to coming aboard the Paramount JOHN  CARTER OF MARS project,  the dearly departed Producer Jim Jacks was talking to me about JOHN CARTER and asked who I would hire to write the script - and without skipping a beat, I said Mark Protosevich.   His original script for I AM LEGEND - back when it was an Arnold Schwarzeneggar project was itself, legend in my mind.   I was shocked when Jim called and told me he'd gotten Mark - and I really and truly wish that Protosevich had been the only writer on JOHN CARTER for the duration, because I feel the project felt majestic in his paws.   But it was not to be.

But this is indeed a joyous day, as Mark Protosevich is getting ready to write the screenplay for Matthew Vaughn's FLASH GORDON - and I've heard this will not be like any version of FLASH GORDON we've seen on film before.  I'm hoping that it captures the magic of those Alex Raymond FLASH GORDON tales....  or even Mack Raboy (San Antonio artist btw)  or even Al Williamson's turn at capturing one of the greatest characters in the history of illustrated fiction!  

This is all going to be done over at 20th Century Fox with Producer John Davis over-seeing the production with Matthew's peeps at MARV!   This movie can't get here fast enough for me!

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