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Ahnuldt talks about DOC SAVAGE and T3

Hey folks, Harry here with latest from AB King on all of our's favorite Austrian Body Builder and overall megastar.... Arnie. I really really wish that Schwarzenegger would drop T3. Ultimately I really do feel the film should end as it did in T2. Uncertainty and with hope. T2 is a perfect film and the T3 script reads like bad fan fiction. Hell the T3 fan script that appeared online was better.... As for DOC SAVAGE, it is nice to hear that progress is being made there. Arnold... become a god... go make CRUSADE. Make it happen. "Do it! Do it noooooow!"


This is what the Oak had to say about TERMINATOR 3 and DOC SAVAGE when he was interviewed at Sci-Fi Wire (thanks to THE ARNOLD FAN):

Arnold Schwarzenegger told SCI FI Wire that he changed his mind about appearing in the upcoming Terminator 3 movie when he saw a script. Schwarzenegger had previously told SCI FI Wire that he wouldn't appear in the next installment of James Cameron's SF franchise if Cameron wasn't directing himself, and Cameron has bowed out of the sequel.

"I think it was that the script was really good, and Jim Cameron just said, 'Look, you can do it,'" Schwarzenegger said in an interview. "[Cameron said] I'm prepping True Lies [2], I have to move on, and all that stuff. I think it was because of that" that I changed my mind, Schwarzenegger said. Schwarzenegger will appear with Terminator 2 co-star Edward Furlong.

For his part, Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000 cyborg in T2, told Eon magazine that he hasn't been asked about T3 yet--"I'm not aware of it." Patrick, who just began his first season as a regular on Fox's The X-Files, might find it difficult to shoot T3 around his TV schedule.

Arnold Schwarzenegger told SCI FI Wire that a script has been completed for "Doc Savage", a proposed film based on the Doc Savage series of novels and comics created by pulp writer Lester Dent. Schwarzenegger would play the titular millionaire adventurer.

"Doc Savage is a movie that is written," Schwarzenegger said in an interview. "It's all done. It's just a matter of me having time to film the movie. Because these are all huge projects, and you can only do ... them one at a time. But it will be done, ... I would say, probably next year."

Doc Savage is spearheaded by directors Frank Darabont (The Green Mile) and Chuck Russell (who directed Schwarzenegger in 1996's Eraser) and has been in development since 1999.


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