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We've Got One!!! Annie Potts to join new GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  you remember this:


I love that moment in the original GHOSTBUSTERS, that sheer elation on Annie Potts' face signals the beginning of the sequence that will ultimately introduce us to the most iconic ghost in the history of GHOSTBUSTERS... aka SLIMER!  We learned today that Annie Potts is joining Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd in the Paul Feig GHOSTBUSTERS movie.

We also know they're doing some shooting at the original GHOSTBUSTERS Firehouse...  but really, I would love to see Annie Potts cuddle up with the new GHOSTBUSTERS secretary...  Chris Hemsworth...   or some invisible spectral delights with EGON.  Man, sure seems folks were worried about a whole hell of a lot of nothing.   Can't wait to see this one next July 15th!   

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