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Ahhhh, Harry here in Los Angeles... about an hour away from going on Ben Stein's talk show, and I stumbled across the TOMB RAIDER website, which actually seems to be up to something pretty good. First off, it looks like they'll be bring a piece of production art or a still from the set every week, on up to release... they have a lot of sections with a... pretty decent amount of beginning info in place. NO SHOT OF LARA THOUGH... Now... I'm sure you are confused as a monkey in an orchard about the title of this story.... But, ya see... over at this new site there's an interview with director Simon West where he was asked what movies has he taken inspiration from for the making of TOMB RAIDER. And apparently from out of his mouth came.... DR ZHIVAGO, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and THE CONFORMIST.

Now, don't get me wrong... I'd love to in some bizarre abstract way like to think that perhaps TOMB RAIDER could be mentioned in a sentence with those movies... but... hmmmm.... we'll see. I'm sure in the first two he is talking about the scope and grandeur of the palatte with which the film is shot... I've heard that TOMB RAIDER is to be shot on a very grand scale, and I really and truly do hope that the resulting film will have that epic feel to it, but... a video game movie influenced by David Lean? Hmmmmmm.... As for THE CONFORMIST... I swear if this film has any relation to this film or its surrealist noir tones... I'll fall in love. Now... if he mixes in just a tad of the sense of adventure from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.... and the acting and score and effects all come together.... maybe, just maybe this'll be that baked potato with all da fixings.... Haven't eaten yet today... sorry... Well, I have to go... Talk at you later...

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