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‘Prepare Yourself For Paradise!!’ 2.5-Minute Trailer For Showtime’s HOMELAND: Season Five!!

I am – Hercules!!

While the first season of “Homeland” was about an American POW serving as a terrorist, the show has evolved into the second coming of “24.” (Writer-producer Howard Gordon ran bother shows.)

Where last season Carrie Matheson was still busy at the CIA and Saul Berenson was working in the private sector, in this season (which takes places two years after last season) Saul appears to be back with the CIA while Carrie is now no longer working for a government.

(The season-five trailer and poster read “The Only Way Out Is Back In,” so I would not expect Carrie’s estrangement from the CIA to be long-lived.)

We also now know that Carrie will be dipping her pen in the company ink: her new boyfriend is legal counsel for Carrie’s new employer, the During Foundation.

This year’s season is set in, and shooting in, Berlin.

Other characters returning from prior seasons include Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) and Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham).

“Lord of the Rings” vet Miranda Otto plays the CIA’s Berlin station chief.

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