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First image of Michael Fassbender from the ASSASSIN'S CREED movie is here!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yahoo got to debut Michael Fassbender's look in the soon-to-start-shooting video game adaptation ASSASSIN'S CREED and man, does he look perfect.

Check him out and I'll be back with some more thoughts after:



The game is set up perfectly for a franchise film series, taking place in multiple time periods with a wide cast of characters. The main conceit is a tech company has unlocked the ability for people to unlock memories through their DNA, which means you can use their technology to see life through the eyes of your long dead ancestors.

The company is particularly interested in the ancestors of the line of Assassins, a group that fought the Knights Templar throughout the ages.

So you have a kind of sci-fi modern day world and a historical action adventure happening at the same time. Because of this framework the game has been able to hop into many different genres, my favorite being Black Flag, the pirate themed one.

As you can see, that opens the door for a massive franchise that is always changing things up. Fassbender will be playing a character named Callum Lynch, a completely new character to this universe. Another bonus with this story... you don't have to do any direct adaptation of any of the games and you can still be faithful to the source material.

With Duncan Jones really bringing it with his Warcraft flick and Fassbender lending Assassin's Creed a huge amount of cache it's possible my long-gestating theory that video games movies could undergo the same metamorphosis that comic book movies did in the late '90s/early aughts might finally come true.

I might write up something more thorough about my thoughts on Video Game movies as a stand alone editorial, but in the mean time this image bodes well for my belief that video game flicks could very well be the next big thing.

Assassin's Creed begins filming Monday, stars Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Michael Kenneth Williams and Ariane Labed.

-Eric Vespe
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